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Title: MyDefrag (download)
Post by: Amker on 11. February 2010., 22:54:43
MyDefrag (formerly JKDefrag) is a disk defragmenter and optimizer for Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/X64. Completely automatic and very easy to use, fast, low overhead, with several optimization strategies, and can handle floppies, USB disks, memory sticks, and anything else that looks like a disk to Windows.

Included are a Windows version, a commandline version (for scheduling by the task scheduler or for use from administrator scripts), a screensaver version, a DLL library (for use from programming languages), versions for Windows X64, and the complete sources.

Why use this defragger instead of the standard Windows defragger?

    * Much faster.
    * Totally automatic, extremely easy to use.
    * Optimized for daily use.
    * Disk optimization, several strategies.
    * Directories are moved to the beginning of the disk.
    * Reclaims MFT reserved space after disk-full.
    * Maintains free spaces for temporary files.
    * Can defragment very full harddisks.
    * Can defragment very large files.
    * Can defragment individual directories and files.
    * Can be run automatically with the Windows Scheduler.
    * Can be used from the commandline.
    * Can be used as a screen saver.
    * Can be run from cdrom or memory stick.
    * Sources available, can be customized.

JKDefrag was open source, but from version 4, when it changed its name to MyDefrag, it is closed source.

Download (