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Title: Apple's iOS 6.1.3 hacked again! [Video]
Post by: Samker on 23. March 2013., 21:04:52

After Apple's recent software update of iOS 6.1.3: which "fixes a bug that could allow someone to bypass the passcode and access the Phone app" a new bug with the same effects appear.

With a new bug, attacker have access to the address book and possibility to make a calls without pass! All this include access to Siri, messing around with Voice Control, ejecting the SIM etc.  :(

This information is leaked from "Vbarraquito's" YouTube channel, where you have the opportunity to see a video demonstration of successful hacking:

I'm sure that Apple will fix this bug, ASAP... but it is equally certain that this incident will further damage their reputation in terms of safety.

FYI, remember, that there is an option to buy a safe unlock for any iPhone model and many carriers from (

Take care!