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Title: @xpansive @devvie
Post by: ignored on 22. January 2015., 01:38:49
I don't mind a few days delay, but when no communication comes back to questions after deadlines have passed 3 days prior I wonder why. Email me and let me know the state of play..

@xpansive @devvie


Title: Re: @xpansive @devvie
Post by: jheysen on 22. January 2015., 23:14:06
Can you tell exactly what did D. miss?
Title: Re: @xpansive @devvie
Post by: devnullius on 16. February 2015., 10:47:11
Yeah I missed it all - please see latest update in my sticky topic in cryptocurrency base board. Subject: giveaways paused.


Post-edit: I guess I know what this was all about. Things got sorted once more; turns out I'm not the only one with crazy busy life  :-X