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In this Arbirate review we'll take a look at the new crypto trading bot just released to the public. Promising high performance, but is it legit?

Check here :
stremio is working real well these days! xxx


Master nodes currently operated : 2622

Revenue generated for October 2020: 13.5%

Integrated projects contributing to the yield: 7

Average monthly yield (last 12 months): 10.7%

– this equates to an annual yield of 127.8% (or 236.8% compounded)


YieldNodes is a complex, multi-tiered Node rental program based on the new blockchain-based economy

In essence, revenue is generated through a combination of master-noding, price gains and services that work in unison to leverage each other in their own ecosystem . Since inception, YieldNodes has not only grown considerably, but has also encompassed other areas to stabilize and leverage revenue. These include its own listed cryptocoin, its own decentralized exchange, and a crypto-denominated shopping area. Further services, cooperations and business cases are in progress.
Started as a side project in 2018, YieldNodes entered an extensive beta phase with a group of hand-picked early-adoptors at the end of October 2019.

Over the next 12 months (beta-testing and live operation), YieldNodes generated a return of 127.8 % for those participants – despite the Corona crisis.

This corresponds to an annual return of 127.8%, and for participants who took advantage of the monthly compounding option, a gigantic 236.8%.

This yield was achieved despite the global economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

Minimum deposit: EUR 500.00
Maximum Deposit: EUR 250,000.00
Payout: monthly
The contract can be cancelled at any time after the 6th month
Deposit and interest are paid in Euro, US-Dollar or Bitcoin.

Ever seen such proven solid profits?
Our investors made 40% net within last
3 months (Aug/Sept/Oct) with a solid low-risk
crypto-related non-trading offer.
Find all details here:
Promotions, Giveaways & Contests / Free Methods to Convert MBOX to PST File
« Last post by gavinupton7751 on 02. December 2020., 11:49:52 »
Use this MBOX to PST Converter that is perfectly designed with latest algorithms for conversion of MBOX files from Pocomail, Apple Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird and other emails clients into directly importable Outlook PST files.  MBOX to PST Converter comes with an amazing “Find File” option to find out all the MBOX mailboxes from Apple Mail in the desired subfolder, folder and local drive.

MBOX to PST Converter can show the preview of all the mailbox items in tree view. You can see the preview and select the entire mailbox item from tree view to save them in desired file and location. With the use of this excellent software you can easily convert all your Apple Mail mailboxes into PST file.  By using MBOX to PST Converter software, you can convert all the Spicebird mailboxes into a directly importable PST file.

Read more info:-

Board Rules, News & Announcements / Who should not take Oxandrolone (Anavar)?
« Last post by yourmedcart on 02. December 2020., 11:43:32 »
Any male with a known history of or suspected prostate cancer.
Renal Dysfunction

Mining Watchdog is a multi-purpose cryptocurrency mining services platform that provides unique insights and fore data for cryptocurrency Miners all over the world.

Mining Watchdog simplifies information gathering for Cryptocurrency Miners by providing estimated profitability and price ranges across mining gadgets and platforms by utilizing several calculation parameters and data sources to estimate profitability while also engaging in extensive research for the most efficient prizes of mining gadgets and services for its Users.
Board Rules, News & Announcements / Careprost eyelash
« Last post by Jaime_Corbett on 01. December 2020., 10:03:15 »
Careprost eyelash serum manufactured by Sun Pharma is used to increase the growth, length, and thickness of the eyelids, including the problem of fluid pressure in the eye. This serum should be used only when the doctor gives advice as the doctor's advice is very necessary for eye-related activity. Order this drops from to get super-fast delivery free of cost.
Gamers Heaven / Sports Betting Tipsters – Beat the Bookies Today
« Last post by Nsatsdja on 30. November 2020., 19:11:13 »

Welcome to our small and exclusive group of professional Sports Betting Tipsters. If you are excited about the opportunity of making money doing something that you really enjoy, then you are definitely in the right place.

So, who is this site for:

Firstly, you would need to be over 18 by law.
Those folks who are interested in making an additional income stream from the comfort of their sofa, through sports trading.
Those bettors who have tried and failed previously with sports betting, often using crappy systems and picks. Don’t give up just yet, you may have found the answer on the next page.
Those people who are new to sports betting, and want to see what the fuss is about. You do not even have to be a sports fan.
If any of the above applies to you, then we can definitely help.

The Ugly Truth of Sports Betting

The ugly truth is most betting systems out there fail to make money consistently over the long-term. If they did, then everyone would be raking it in, and the bookies would not exist at all. Even ex-players and pros seem to constantly get things wrong, and these should be the people in the know.

A big issue is that there is always an element of emotion involved, which is a killer when it comes to being master sports trader.

Who is betting tipster website not for?

This is a premium service, and has a high monthly payment, so is definitely not for everyone. However, this is a genuine opportunity to make great money doing something that you enjoy, so there is massive value in there.

There are thousands of people around the world are already making a full-time living from this. In a lot of countries, the winnings on sports betting are tax-free, so the membership will certainly pay for itself quickly. Also, with the ability to roll up your winnings, compound interest kicks in, and that is where you make the biggest gains. If you are constantly withdrawing money from your betting account, then these returns will be different. Everyone’s circumstances and requirements are different.

So what makes this betting tipsters website stand out from the rest?
Here is how we are different:

Firstly, we have a winning and verifiable track record that dates back to 1999.

The founding members of the group are all ex-forex traders. The same tools and strategies (over 80) that are used in the financial markets have been tweaked and converted, then used successfully in sports betting. This basically means that a mathematical and scientific view is taken, rather than what you have heard from your friends.

How does it work?
In 2020, there are now over 200 winning systems across different sports. All of the individual results are tracked, and then ranked accordingly. The site is completely transparent, and you can take advantage of the betting tipsters who are providing the biggest returns.

In every system, all races and games are judged on the amount of value that they offer, versus the relative risk. It is essentially the ol’ Risk v Reward thing!

There are two main ways that you can use the sports betting tipsters membership site:

Firstly, you can simply logon, choose your favorite picks for the day, place those bets with your bookie, and be gone in minutes.

The other option is to train yourself up on the tools and strategies, and place your bets accordingly. It is purely up to you. In both cases, there is a great support from the team and other members alike.

To know more visit:
### PC Help Center !!! ### / Re: BKF recovery tool
« Last post by Rajat on 30. November 2020., 09:42:04 »
I would like to suggest the advanced DRS BKF recovery software which can easily restore the entire data from the corrupt Windows BKF files. It provides dual recovery modes for users i.e, Standard mode and Advanced mode. there is also a demo free version available to evaluate the performance of the tool for free.
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