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Chit-Chat Caffe / Re: Can your system get infected with viruses if you visit a gambling website?
« Last post by Antonio Hern on 21. September 2019., 18:08:17 »
I would say no one got infected from the casino games but it depends upon the options avialable for the best game play.I have checked some of the casino games from the site where lot of new options are avialable for the casino games investment in good way.
CryptoCurrencies Base / An honest broker with real bonus
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 21. September 2019., 03:28:58 »
I will not lie that bonuses are hugely important especially if it’s for beginners. I myself love bonuses but I also know how much hard it is to cope with fake and faulty bonuses. This is where I am so grateful to FreshForex broker, as thanks to them, I am able to work with relative ease and comfort having 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus. It’s one of the most genuine bonuses you ever going to find on this planet and it makes things so much standout.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: Market Analysis
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 21. September 2019., 03:25:28 »

BCH went pass the 300 levels during last few days but it dropped big time and the obvious route next is 350 mark. So it can really be a good time to go for buy here but it will be realistic if we go for long term approach instead of trying to go for short trades.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: Market Analysis
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 21. September 2019., 03:21:47 »

LTC was in bullish mode in recent times but it got neutral for past 24-36 hours. It’s highly likely that we will see it go towards 80 levels soon, so it opens up a good time for it to go for buy here. But with the risk involved there it’s must that we need to set it on with accurate money ad risk management.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: Market Analysis
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 21. September 2019., 03:18:59 »

ETH was bullish for past week as we saw it getting up nearly 20% during the week and looks set to continue ahead as well reaching near towards 250 levels. But it could drop before it goes up high again, it will be a mixed scenario in coming up week. Still a good bet to go for buying.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: Market Analysis
« Last post by MelissaLiberson on 21. September 2019., 03:16:34 »

BTC was very much flat through this week with going down earlier during the week. It slipped inside the 10k bar but was able to pull it through again. Right now, it’s going to be to very much fix and for long term there is uncertainty but still overall it looks a good bet for buy.
CryptoCurrencies Base / Free Forex & Crypto Signals, Free Proprietary indicators
« Last post by shariarporosh on 20. September 2019., 17:29:23 »
Free Forex Crypto Signals and Momentum Indicator from the World Renowned Market Expert Mr Wall Street. With Mr Wall Streets Momentum Indicator Trade Confidently on your own but never alone!!!

visit -

Problems with choosing a web hosting for your website:

1. Biggest wallet always wins - Too many hosting reviews are wrecked by affiliate commission.

2. Too many fake user reviews - hosting companies hire fake reviewers to work for them (or work against their competitors).

3. Too many choices - there are literally tens of thousands of hosting companies to choose from. People have their own preferences and needs - which make their recommendations not-so-useful (see images).

I am sure many of you have the same issues - which is why I am happy to see the born of - a new project by my friend from Malaysia - Jerry Low. :up:

HostScore is a new, data-driven way to measure the quality of a web host.

It’s a site worth sharing here because:

1. Transparency - Their host ranking algorithm and business relationship with other companies are published openly.

2. Data Driven - HostScore system is designed in a way where the owner will only have 20% saying power in the final ratings.

3. Consistency is measured - Many hosting reviews were done based on testing in a short period, which is not ideal. HostScore monitor hosting performance regularly. Server response speed is measured every 4 hours from 10 locations, up-time is measured every 5 minutes.

4. Verified user reviews only - only publish and count reviews from manually verified users (using LinkedIn or Facebook). So you’ll get less chance bumping into zombie reviewers there. 

Jerry would like to hear about your experience in choosing a web host and opinions about

Thus I am starting this thread. :bih:


Publishing, like most industries in the digital age, is struggling to find a way to redefine itself. With more application publishers moving to online and electronic formats, traditional distribution and revenue models aren’t quite cutting it anymore, which is why blockchain systems are getting a lot of attention from developers, authors and content creators.

While different proposals have different mechanics, the core idea behind them is that a lot of the things that traditional publishers do, like managing copyright and licensing, distributing profits, and facilitating collaboration, could easily be done in a less centralized way using smart contracts and a blockchain record.

There are several application publishing platforms on the market; sometimes, it becomes confusing identifying the real and genuine ones. But one platform that has proven beyond every reasonable doubt to be real and beneficial to developers is the X42 Protocol platform. X42 stands tall on the market leveraging its unique selling proposition to help publishers curate and publish their applications.

What is X42?

X42 is a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency based in the Stratis technology but is not a fork instead just share most of its technology. X42 allows the creation of different decentralized applications. X42 is a feeless, nearly instant, proof of stake cryptocurrency that pays dividends in the form of stakes. Whether you are a small developer or you want to create large projects, X42 is a viable option to consider.

X42 Blockchain Project

Aside from having a pretty clever name, X42 checks most of the boxes on the publishing-chain wish list. x42 uses PoS (proof of stake) as a coin generation method as well as validation for newly generated blocks, which benefits the interest of organizations running the network, and securing it against attacks.

This is very useful because any user or organization can take advantage of running an x42 full node and the nodes needed for their own blockchain without the need for expensive and dedicated hardware. Block reward will be 2 coins per block until block number 400.000, after that all blocks will only generate 1 coins until the maximum supply of 42.000.000 x42 is reached.

Owners of x42 masternodes will be able stake their coins to generate new ones related to the amount they are currently staking until the total supply is created. Until and after that point owners will also receive a percentage of transaction fees from the games and decentralized applications hosted on the side blockchains that they decided to host on their masternode.

The main idea of setting up x42 is to enable publishers with zero capital to publish their application on the blockchain. The X42 protocol works around a main blockchain which hosts all the x42 coins and three types of nodes.

X42 coin is relatively unknown to so many investors for now which makes it seriously under-valued. Without the traditional launch, given there is no initial coin offering (ICO). The x42 core development team and community are working hard, and the value is already observable, the coin price is moving towards the higher side and with the potential, it could be amongst the next bumper hits.

In fact, Ripper, Tron, and other coins that are doing well now started like X42. From X42's potential, in the coming days, there is a chance that the price of X42 will skyrocket. Thus, it becomes one of the highly watched options to go for.

As a prospective investor, you can start staking with whatever amount you have, as there is no minimum amount required. It is a simple process, all that it takes is just 2 clicks of your mouse. By far, it is the safest and easiest coin to stake on the cryptoecosystem.

Now, let's see the other benefits of investing in the X42 project:

●   Zero Fees: X42 will not charge you a dime for your decentralized applications to be published. This means more profits for you.
●   Scalable: X42 is absolutely scalable. You can test the scalability anyhow you want it.
●   Fast: All transactions on the X42 protocol are very fast. According to the team behind X42, block time is about 60 seconds.
●   Private: All your transactions would be kept private. Regardless of the location of your team, they will receive every unit sent to them.
●   Security: Are you scared of losing your investment? X42 takes the issue of security very strongly.

x42 is one of very few coins with a tiered masternode system, more information can be found on discord:

Anyone looking to take it up can do it through these exchanges –

Stex (

Graviex (

Altmarkets (

All further information at:
CryptoCurrencies Base / Alpha – X: The Ultimate End-to-End Solution to e-Commerce
« Last post by Marco on 19. September 2019., 17:24:04 »
Alpha-X is another big name in the Cryptocurrency industry. It is a market place designed for digital currency usage, backed by Artificial Intelligence.

Alpha-X currently will start running an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on P2PB2B exchange as from tomorrow. This is to enable the exchange to handle the offering on behalf of Alpha-X, banking on the exchange’s experience in the business. It is Alpha-X’s way of ensuring that users and investors alike get nothing but the best services from the Cryptocurrency company.

The token sales will begin on September 16, 2019, and end on October 6, 2019. Some 25,000,000 Alpha-X tokens are currently available for IEO. An investor can buy a token for $0.05 while the token sale lasts.

Investors should note that the minimum purchase amount is 600. Hence, with just $30, you can invest in the amazing offer and own a whopping 600 tokens.
With BTC, you can purchase the minimum amount with 0.002868 BTC and 0.168534 ETH. It is also equivalent to 30 USDT.

You can get a bonus, though. Once you purchase some specific amount of the token, Alpha-X will offer you an impressive bonus amount. This is the bonus breakdown:

•   2,000 AX to 3,999AX, 2% bonus.
•   4,000 AX to 5,999 AX, 4.5% bonus.
•   6,000 AX to 9,999AX, 2% bonus.
•   10% bonus if you purchase 10,000 AX token and above.

E-Commerce, Finance, AI, and Fintech are some of the areas of applications of the Alpha-X token.  That is one of the reasons why it is a worthy digital currency for interested Cryptocurrency investors.
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