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CryptoCurrencies Base / News in ICO Market
« Last post by KYCbench on 04. December 2018., 23:02:30 »

After the boom of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the ICO market shows disappointment in traditional ICOs as a means of venture financing. A bearish market trend and a lack of new ideas to implement the blockchain in the traditional market, as well as the fact that investors became more experienced and prudent in their decisions are the main reasons for this.

by ICORating

Also, the increase of regulatory activity, especially in the US and major European countries like the UK, Germany and France, has started a new class of fundraising on blockchain – security token offering, or STO. STO, as a mean of digital representation, refers to capital markets through issuance of regulated digital shares of equity or rights for profit sharing. Addressing the lack of transparency and regulation issues, STO could provide a smarter and more innovative approach to capital funding, attracting more of both private and institutional investors. Although there is currently no generally accepted regulation in terms of security token offering (STO) and digital assets, some regulators have already made some steps toward creating more favourable regulations for security tokens. Accordingly, it could be assumed that the interest in the STO, as an investment instrument, will be growing in the near future.

ICORating’s analysts have released their quarterly report for Q3 2018, which is built on comprehensive analytical data and insights.

The average funding attracted by the top 3 ICOs was $33 million. EOS still tops the list of ICOs in terms of funds raised in 2018, followed by Telegram.

by ICORating

ICO organizers offered different types of crypto assets for sale with service tokens (49.05%) and utility tokens (25.3%) continuing to lead the way.

The majority of projects were based in Europe (43%), which became the leader in terms of fundraising as well (48%, or $663 million). Asia showed a 65% decrease in funds raised and a 10% drop in the number of projects launched.

Taking into account the fact that the most popular industries by number of projects are energy & utilities, financial services and trading, while financial services, blockchain infrastructure and banking & payments were the industries where the largest funding amounts were raised, necessity and compliance with existing legislation and implication of Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedures is becoming a usual practice nowadays, where KYCBench, being GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant platform, is an ultimate solution for an outsourced KYC.

Regardless to the ICO’s size KYCBench provides customized and tailored approach on KYC and AML checks, as the platform is designed to perform automated data processing, followed by manual checks, KYCBench also provide enhanced due-diligence reports, as there is another tendency, where ICOs are looking to raise capital mostly from professional investors, as there is less potential liability for the founders/directors in the future.

KYCbench, your reliable KYC partner
GDPR & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant

Please contact KYCbench today, the most reliable ID verification processor at:

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Salina Bo – VP of AAUC : We reiterate our core pro-growth investment strategy reflected in overweight positions in equities and commodities in multi-asset portfolios.

We are mindful of the risks ahead: Our overweight positions in equities and commodities are small, we take a neutral duration in USD and GBP and no directional exposure in EUR/USD.

This year has been a tale of a generally good economy and fundamentals, but often depressed investor sentiment. Until year-end, plenty of important event risks remain that may well keep markets on their toes. The Italian budget debate and the implications it has for the Eurozone and the EUR is one risk. The trade conflict is another, with an extension of US tariffs, China’s response and the US mid-term elections key events ahead. In addition, further tightening by the US Federal Reserve and the impact of China’s recent economic stimulus package will set the tone for emerging market (EM) assets. At the same time, growth is solid in most developed markets (DM) and EM, labor markets and consumer confidence are the best they have been in a long time and companies, particularly US small and mid-caps, are on track for very good results. Thus we believe that investors should retain their core fundamentals-based investment strategy but be mindful of the risks.

Mind the risks: What to do in portfolios? To reflect our confidence in continued global growth, we keep to our pro-growth strategy focused on equities and commodities. Yet given the risks, our overweight positions in these asset classes are small in an otherwise well-diversified multi-asset portfolio. In USD and GBP, we take advantage of the recent rise in government bond yields to add back duration in bonds (i.e., we buy longer-dated core government bonds) to steer overall bond duration to neutral versus our benchmark. In currencies, we take no directional view on EUR/USD at the moment to avoid exposure given the risks. In equities, our overweight position now spans four sectors instead of three: We have added a preference for the defensive healthcare sector to our existing preference

For the cyclical IT, financials and energy sectors. Furthermore, we allocate a portion of our portfolios to specific hedging strategies that do not cost us much if our base case materializes but help stabilize portfolios in the event of another risk-off phase.

EM fundamentals much better than valuations suggest EM assets have had a tough 2018. Turkey and Argentina have been hit by the classic combination of rising US interest rates and a strong USD. Both countries run large current account deficits, which makes them vulnerable to capital outflows. South Africa and Indonesia are in the same camp. Yet most other EMs do not share these vulnerabilities. China was hit by worries over trade while the country was in the midst of a domestic deleveraging effort in H1, resulting in a significant sell-off in Chinese equities. However, Chinese authorities have been providing backstop economic stimulus, the positive effects of which will likely become tangible in Q3/Q4. We thus retain our positions in EM equities and bonds for now.

Convertibles, GBP/USD Among our other convictions, convertibles are one of the asset classes that is most resilient in various volatility regimes. We re- tain a positive view on them. The GBP is one of the cheapest DM currencies against the USD. Recent news that the UK and the Eurozone might move toward a “Blind Brexit,” i.e. a less de- tailed agreement of the UK’s future trade ties with the EU includ- ing a long transition period, could lead to further GBP strength- ening from the current undervalued levels.

Find out more in
ICOO Voting Results [Buyback & Burn of ICOO Tokens on the BTC market]t

Thank you for participating in the November ICOO voting.

Read the detailed ICOO Voting Proposal here.

Voting Results

Check out the results below:

Option 1 is the winner! It received 9,578.4169 ICOO.VOTING tokens from your accounts.

What’s Next

Option 1 in a nutshell:

*Starting December 2018, at the beginning of every month we will calculate 2% of the ICOO token market cap in BTC, as we did previously.

*During the first week of a month, we will place an ICOO Buyback order to ICOO/BTC market for the whole amount of BTC.

*All repurchased tokens will be burned after the buyback.

All further details can be found on the official ICOO website.

Thanks for expressing your opinion!

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CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: [ICO] (MODEX) Modex - Smart Contract Marketplace
« Last post by vindyne8 on 04. December 2018., 17:44:15 »
Join us this Thursday, the 6th of December, at Modex Blockchain Labs, for a special edition of the Distributed Innovation Summit & Beers!
Modex's CEO, Mihai Ivascu, will host the discussion about Smart Contracts and real life use cases.
Our special guests are David Applefield, from Financial Times and Richard Skaife, CEO at YOVO.

Modex presents its latest development, the Modex IDE, at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018

While at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018, the Modex team has taken the opportunity to officially present to the media and the startup community the company’s latest development — the Modex IDE!

Windows / PC / Re: ?GOOD (& free) decent specialized DVD player for Windows...?
« Last post by Suko on 03. December 2018., 18:13:45 »
And I like more this converter "OnlineConvertFree".
CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: [ICO] (MODEX) Modex - Smart Contract Marketplace
« Last post by vindyne8 on 03. December 2018., 15:59:18 »
Modex presents latest development, the Modex IDE, at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018

While at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018, the Modex team has officially presented the company's latest development - the Modex IDE!
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EOS and eosDAC Withdrawals Re-enabled

We are glad to inform you that STEEM withdrawals and deposits have been re-enabled. The STEEM gateway is now working in the operational mode.

All the maintenance works have been finished.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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