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Title: Avira Antivir Personal 9 Free (ReView)
Post by: F3RL on 21. June 2009., 05:44:48

First, please understand any grammatical errors since I'm a foriegn student ;D

Since I could not solve the problem with VSE8.5 freezing the computer upon on startup, I just decided myself to seek an alternative antivirus/firewall. I treid F-Secure Internet Security Suite 8, but it was very heavy on resource, anyway...

Avira Antivir Personal 9 is completely FREE when used for personal or home purpose. My review:

The first impression was an well-organized and simple graphical user interface which I got used to it within five minutes of use. Even though it's free of charge, it features on-access scanning BUT, it is
very slow, it takes some time to scan a file. Secondly, I wasn't expecting a performance like I got from VSE8.5 but the on-demand scanning was not bad at all. The OAS (on-access scanning) also gives users to what to include and what to exclude - this was nice since I exclude document, music, movie and Finale Score sheet files - which reduces the scanning time approximately 2 hours. But if dont want it, it's your choice ;)

On resource, I was little bit disappointed. The Avira Antivir Personal used about 40 to 60 MB of RAM. Of course, it didn't, in fact, it wouldn't remarkably reduce overall performance but I always try to keep total RAM usage of 180MB or below - since I always open more than 10 applications at the same time... BUT, if you are NOT considering 'moderate' resource usage, this is the AV you've been looking for.

Download: (

Title: Re: Avira Antivir Personal 9 Free (ReView)
Post by: Samker on 21. June 2009., 08:33:22
Eric, thank you for this great review...  :up:

My favorite FREE AV is AVG (and in my opinion The Best Free solution) but you should also consider these two New versions and maybe provide us some new Reviews.  ;)

Panda "Cloud":,2708.0.html (,2708.0.html)

Microsoft Security Essentials:,3253.0.html (,3253.0.html)


Title: Re: Avira Antivir Personal 9 Free (ReView)
Post by: Samker on 12. September 2010., 23:08:40

It's time to Lock this Topic.

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