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Android 8.1 preview is out now !


Hi all Android fans,

Android 8.1 preview is out now for beta testing and features new API's such as

* Android Go memory optimizations and targeting
* Neural Networks API
* Autofill enhancements
* Shared memory APII guess that Neural networks API is quite interesting, or is this the beginning ? (machine learning)

Android Development team plan to release the new update in December and if you have a Pixel or Nexus you may sign up and get your device enrolled for the test on Android Beta.

For non-Nexus devices you may use the Android 8.1 emulator.

Full details please visit Android Developer Blog.

be well,

Hi @piipo,

Thanks for the update, although i have pixel phone, i will wait for the final release of Android 8.1 and then try it out.  :up:

Can you guys tell me in which mobile android 8.0 is launched.??


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