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Author Topic: New coin found!! Pawncoin (PAWN)  (Read 1969 times)

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New coin found!! Pawncoin (PAWN)
« on: 11. March 2014., 09:32:57 »
As always: be VERY careful before investing in an IPO! Some are legit (@heavycoinnews1), some were frauds (StackCoin - luckily relaunched to TheRealStackCoin). In this case there is NO reason to trust!


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Forum :

Pawncoin is a cryptocurrecny designed for pawnbrokers.  It will serve as the major virtual currency in the world's first largest online pawn shop based on Bitcoin protocol, where security and privacy of your information and assets is a top priority.

PoW Algorithm: Scrypt
Re-target: Every block with KGW
Block Time: 2.5
Initial Block Reward: 500
Block halving: 84,000
Max Supply: 84 million
Premine: 2%
840,000 for IPCO         (Target trading price after IPCO  $5-$20)
840,000 for payment for future development of Pawn services

Investment Options
1. An escrow service is provided only by Tomatocage. Minimum amount is 0.1BTC and escrow fees are covered by Pawncoin.Send your fund to Tomatocage's addresss(1P8hf47T1tDqVS8dx8y4G3nV7XLNHz6t1z)
*Email TXID , BTC address and contact email address to  and message Tomatocage for verification.  Please sign your transactions
*Additional 0.5% bonus for lump sum investment over 5BTC (single transaction) with escrow
*Investment over 5BTC will have 1 week lock period

2. Private investment directly with send an email to  for investment details.
*Additional 1% bonus for lump sum investment over 5BTC (single transaction) in private investment.
*Investment over 5BTC will have 1 week lock period

IPO Starts:  Tuesday 11, March  00:001 /12:01AM GMT
Closes:      Tuesday 25, March   23:59/ 11:59PM GMT

Investment list:

Bonus for 1 week early investors:

2.5% - Day 1
1.5% - Day 2
1% -Day 3
0.9%- Day 4
0.8%-Day 5
0.5% Day 6
0.4%-Day 7


Signature  0.01[btc] or Pawncoin equivalent

Code: [Select]
[size=15pt][url=][b][color=blue]PAWNCOIN Online Pawn Shop - IPCO[/color][/b][/url]
Translations 0.05[btc] or Pawncoin equivalent

Ongoing Development

Online pawn shop

How It Works
⦁  Fill out online application form and include the description of the items you wish to pawn for assessment
⦁   Accept pawn loan offer and Send your items safely for free to pawncoin office
⦁   Receive your fund in Pawncoin wallet with signed transaction in the block-chain
⦁   All your items are returned to you right away, when you pay back the loan.

ePawncoin Marketplace with proposed decentralized Exchange

A massive online market database, where you can connect with brokers locally.

We will work with other major pawnshops around the world for the integration of pawncoin into their payment system.

Web hosted Pawncoin wallet similar to

Road Map:
Phase 1: Pawncoin Launch
Phase 2: Partnership with pawnshops and pawnbroker
Phase 3:  Online Pawnshop
Phase 4: ePawncoin Marketplace

Investing in the Initial Public Coin Offering does not constitute any shareholding rights in the Parent company.
The escrow service provider is not a member of Pawncoin foundation and does not endorse this project.
Pawncoin Foundation has taken reasonable precautions to ensure the successful launch of this coin. We are not liable for any losses that may occur due to the failure of this project and  It’s your responsibility to seek financial advice before investing in the IPCO
We reserved the right to end the IPCO early without further notice.
You agree to these terms by investing in the IPCO


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in pawncoin?
Pawncoin is not just a regular alt coins, the service we are creating to support pawncoin it's what makes it unique. Online pawnshop is a lucrative business worth billions of dollars. Recently an online pawnshop Borro  raised $112 millions in funding.
We plan to be the first largest online Pawn shop with a decentralized virtual currency implemented in the payment system in order  to bridge the gap between online pawn shop and cryptocurrency community. Customers will enjoy the benefits of low transaction fees, instant payment and security based on Bitcoin protocol.
We estimated revenues on loans and fees to be at least 1 millions of dollars within the first year this will preserve the value of Pawncoin and ensure stability at the exchange for Pawncoin users.

Who is behind Pawncoin?
We are a group of well known names here on BTT.  In order to address regulatory compliance, we are holding the coin IPCO separately before launching the company this is done to ensure all nationality can participate in this IPCO. There are plans for physical location in North America, Asia and Europe

How do you plan to address price volatility?
The target price of pawncoin is minimum $5; the rate will never go below the rate bought in the IPCO. This is agreed on after considering the market potential of online pawnshop.  In the future, we plan to have a USD - PAWN exchange.

How can I invest in the IPCO?
The minimum amount is 0.1Btc and only Bitcoin is accepted.
There are two ways to invest through escrow services and you can invest privately by sending an email requesting bitcoin address to We offer our investors the option to stay anonymous

What’s the IPCO timeline?
The IPCO runs for 14 days with additional bonus for those that invested within the first 7 days.  The coin will launch 2 days after the closing date.
We reserved the right to stop the IPCO if the ROI is getting less than 500% for investors due to massive contributions.
More information about bitcoin, altcoin & crypto in general? GO TO

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Re: New coin found!! Pawncoin (PAWN)
« Reply #1 on: 11. March 2014., 10:18:52 »

I did had to post a warning on SCForum about the iPO ( If you can take away some doubt... That would be great :) It might kill your IPO :s


is it because the record is hidden? We cant run a business anonymously. We dont want attention now, we will release all info as time goes on.  This is a big project, you can go through our plans ----this is for eCommerce ---foundation/forum

So you know...

More information about bitcoin, altcoin & crypto in general? GO TO

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Two coins: two projects: closely linked :)



Stage 1 investors will get a guaranteed ROI in stage 2

Presale ends: August 17, 2014

*ePawncoin is a next generation of crypto-currency in development by Pawncoin in partnership with
*It will be coded entirely from scratch.
*ePawncoin will be designed to be ideal coins for investors due to the innovative Proof-of-Burn concept and fixed exchange rate features.
*ePawncoin will be sold to early investors using Proof-of-Burn but instead of sending the pawncoin to un-spendable wallet it will be sent directly to *Pawncoin team public address and we will list the pawncoin back on the exchange for X 2 of the current value and the Btc from the sell will be used to put up buy orders for ePawncoin
*The total supply of the ePawncoin will be 40Million. 2 Pawncoin will be converted to 1 ePawncoin.
*The market will be competitive and expensive because Pawncoin will be more rare and scarce as more people start to burn it and the team listing it on the exchange X the current rate. For example; someone burned 2 Pawncoin for 1 ePawncoin and the current price was $1, we will sell it back for $2.
*Fixed exchange features will be implemented in our primary exchange This is a sell order limit that doesn’t allow any sell order below the limit set by the admin.  

Possible Features
100% Proof-of-Stake
Decentralized Exchange and Integrated Escrow
Mobile Client Support
Encrypted Messaging and Chat
Coloured Coins and Assets
Payment Bridge to alternative Crypto Currency
Pawnshop with a Unique Client Identification Algorithm for verification of users
Unique Cloud Node Structure – Cloud nodes will be used to support the network. Assets will also be allowed to be stored on the cloud and accessed at specific points.

ePawncoin Presale is divided into two stages
Stage 1: 20% of total ePawncoin supply
This will be used for development costs of ePawncoin.
Initial Presale Amount = 2 Pawncoin = 1 ePawncoin (40,000,000 Money Supply)
Minimum investment: 10,000 Pawncoin

Investors in stage 1 will get guaranteed ROI because they will set the price for stage 2 IPO

To participate in the presale. Send email to or send me a pm. I will send you a deposit address and Investor ID.

You can track your investment in the spreadsheet.

Stage 2: 50% of total ePawncoin
The rate will be set by Stage 1 investors via voting according to their shares in Stage 1.
Stage 2 goes back 100% for buy support nothing belongs to anyone.
The sale will be open at coinpod using the fixed exchange features so that no one sells less than the Stage 1 Presale price.

Bounties: 10%

Developer: 20%

Pawncoin Thread:
More information about bitcoin, altcoin & crypto in general? GO TO

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