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Author Topic: [VIRAL] Trading live- coming to Bittrex | 4m Total | DPoS 2.0 + 5%  (Read 7634 times)

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Hi Everyone -

We've been working on the satellite node concept that came up in the conversations a couple days ago. It's a great idea because it allows us to grow the Viral network far beyond the number of people actually staking Viral in wallets. We are a few days away from it being fully operational but here is a sneak peak : -)

From a post by the ViralDev

Hey guys, just taking a break from cleaning up code even further and wanted to show you guys a little sneak peek into the auth process to become an active node in the VIRAL network.  Once you run the wallet you will see this inside the wallet panel.

Then you would do the auth process that takes less then one second to complete and then you will see all the metrics information about the VIRAL network which constantly is updated to reflect any statistical changes, info on sponsor advertisers who have locked in, reserved, paid for campaigns etc.

A lot of hard work is going on behind the scenes and testing as well. Just the four stress tests performed today were a 100% success!

Are you all ready to be a part of this revolution? I know I am!

Adam G.

Two Words..... HUGE DEVELOPMENTS........

NAME: Viral

Coin Count: 5 Million
Distribution: Crowdfunding / ICO (50% split at 2.5 Million) - More details below.
PoS Algo: 2.0 (Latest Blackcoin)
PoS Reward:
From PoS start to 4300 = 1 coin
Blocks 4301 - 9999 = 25 coins
Blocks 10,000 - 14,999 = 20
Blocks 15,000 - 19,999 = 15
Blocks 20000 + = 5% annual interest
Blocktime:  64 seconds
Diff Retarget: Every Block
Min Age: 8 Hours

Viral White Paper

Part 1: The Viral platform


Viral is the world’s first decentralized and fully native social advertising platform. Members in the Viral network allow high quality, targeted advertising into their social network feeds and receive 100% of the generated revenue. Earnings are weighted by the quality and reach of your social network - the more solid your network, the more you earn.

What is Social Advertising?  What is Native Advertising?

Social Advertising = old school:  banner ads on social network websites. Native Advertising is new school - and it is the holy grail for marketers and corporations. Native Advertising involves product placement inside of friend -to friend social feeds on Twitter, Social Networks, and Instagram, allowing advertisers to achieve undreamed of conversion rates and ROI on their marketing budgets.

How does Viral Work?

Viral stakeholders hold a minimum of 5000 Viral in their wallets. This unlocks an exclusive wallet panel that is the user’s own Viral dashboard. Here you can track the Native Advertising  you are sponsoring in the Viral network - and the revenues your participation is earning you, 24/7/365.

The Viral network enters into contracts with major marketing firms and corporations for product placements and targeted mentions within member’s social network activity channels - tweets, posts, etc.  These placements occur automatically  - no work is required on members parts.

The majority of the revenues from these contracts are returned into the Viral network. These revenues are used to buy Viral on major exchanges. These coins are then burnt, reducing total supply and boosting the value of Viral, providing a solid appreciation for holders & investors. Coins not dedicated to the burning process will be utilized for further development through an open dialogue with the community. This entire procedure will be visible on the block chain and completely transparent.

The coins that are bought back will be either be burnt or utilized for further development pending community consultation.

In addition, a staking reward is issued once every week to each member based on the metrics of their actual social weight and reach in campaign participation during the week. For users with a solid social network, this staking reward will be quite substantial.

The entire revenue distribution process will be completely block chain based, verifiable and visible to each user via the wallet dashboard.

Sounds great. How do I know this will work?

In early 2015, legendary Facebook & Twitter marketer Adam Guerbuez approached several large actors in the crypto community. His vision was to create a user owned social advertising platform based on block chain technology. Most of you recognize this name - he has been at the cutting edge of social marketing for the last 10 years, and has built successful social marketing programs generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Adam Guerbuez is the lead marketing consultant on the Viral project and co-developer of the Viral platform. Together, the Viral team believes that the billions of dollars now flowing into the pockets of Twitter and Facebook should instead be flowing into the pockets of the social network users. Viral is about making this happen.

Adam Guerbuez - a short bio

A legendary figure in both online marketing circles and the in crypto-currency world, Adam has a track record that includes several of the most successful and controversial online marketing operations the internet has ever seen. Adam’s early innovations in internet marketing transformed the way the adult entertainment industry did business online, and his viral marketing techniques were responsible for the most successful online marketing campaign in history for Satellite TV and Direct TV decoders. Not satisfied with these victories, Adam plunged headfirst into social network marketing. His take-no-prisoners approach upended the norms of social advertising, and culminated in a massive legal battle with Facebook that resulted in an 873 million dollar legal judgement.

Along the way, Adam also became involved in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, becoming well known in the Bitcoin community and building working relationships with many of the community's central figures. Adam’s notoriety to the non-Bitcoin public at large stems from his multi year efforts to feed the hungry and homeless, most recently through donations via Bitcoin contributions. His Bitcoin charity efforts received worldwide attention in both print and broadcast media, and cemented his reputation for creating disruptive solutions to modern challenges.

A short video clips of Adam for those who don’t know him yet:

The Viral Disruption

Viral is dedicated to disrupting the current revenue model in social marketing and advertising. In the year 2013, 5.1 billion dollars was spent worldwide on social network advertising. This figure is projected to grow to 15 billion dollars by 2018.
(Source:$15B-by-2018.asp )

Currently, none of this revenue goes to the users - who are actually doing the advertising.

Viral is a fully transparent, block chain based revenue sharing platform for social advertising . Advertisers bypass the corporate offices of the major social networks., and instead place native ads directly with the users. Users are paid according to the reach and depth of their social networks. All tracking of earnings and revenue sharing is real-time, block-chain based and completely transparent.

Viral intends to disrupt the large social networks’ revenue models. By making the entire Viral platform user-controlled, user-owned, and block chain-based, there is no central point for the owners of the social networks to attack. The Viral network allows massive scaling - with all revenues returning directly to Viral investors.

Viral Whitepaper: Part 2 - The Viral Network

Member Participation in the Viral Network: Viral Nodes

During initial install of the Viral wallet, users authorize participation in the Viral system by linking selected social network accounts with the Viral API. This is done through the standard  OAUTH authorization system - the same industry standard log-in system that most users are already familiar with when they log into various sites with their social media sign in credentials.

Viral uses the OAUTH system for a very important reason: OAUTH is the industry standard method for insuring passwords are never revealed. Your private credentials are never revealed to either Viral or any other party.

Once the user has linked his or her social accounts within the Viral wallet, they appear as an active node in the Viral network, ready to participate when messages from paid sponsors are shared and posted across the array of active connected users wallets. The Viral system takes full advantage of the network effect - that is, the larger the network becomes, the more attractive and profitable it becomes for larger sponsors with higher advertising budgets, who wish to gain a far wider reach when they are spreading their messages of their products and or services.

Active social networking accounts that VIRAL holders have authorized to allow the occasional posting of product placements are verified for their authenticity regularly using our own in house methods that compare closely to public available services such as Twitter Audit ( Our auditing system allows us to verify the authenticity of social network accounts to determine how many real and active followers they have and estimate their global reach with that audience.

The verification process that Viral performs on each authorized wallet holder provides the needed insight to determine the user's level of being an asset to the Viral network of active nodes. This information includes how many followers an account has, its geolocation, the geolocation of its followers and more. These statistics are presented to the sponsors who are placing products in the Viral network. As the Viral network expands, Viral campaigns become more attractive to sponsors, thus bringing up the price tag attached to using Viral to spread their messages to a larger audience. 

Product Placement Quality

For most users, an obvious question is what about the quality and nature of the product placements? After all, none of us want offensive content to make its way into our social network activity.

This is a legitimate concern, and one we take very seriously. It is obviously important for our entire network that all content delivery results in a smooth and positive user experience - or else we risk everything we are building.  Our standard is therefore crystal-clear:

Viral will never allow offensive content, low-quality content, or adult oriented content. Such product placements will not be allowed within the network. Our strict policy will be to to keep our network professional and friendly to an all-ages audience.

This is really a no-brainer for us. We have clients lining up at the door with cutting edge consumer products, innovative personal electronics and so much more - there is simply no need to allow lower quality products onto the network.

Viral Revenues

As revenue is generated from the sponsors who are profiling products on the Viral network, this revenue is used to buy Viral on exchanges, thus increasing the value of Viral every time sponsors run an advertising campaign. For agencies and marketing firms, Viral campaign pricing starts at $2500 usd (or approx 10 btc current value). Major ad campaigns are priced in the ranges of $10,000 usd - $50,000 usd per campaign (or aprox 40btc -200btc current value). This rebought Viral is burned and removed from the total supply.

This re-buy & burn of Viral will be publicly visible in the Viral GUI and block explorer, making the entire process completely transparent for stakeholders. In addition, the effective reach and weight of each member’s participation and resulting weekly stake reward will also be publicly visible. The revenue system of Viral is thus completely open and transparent.

Part 4:  What Viral offers advertisers - that they cannot get anywhere else

For decades, traditional advertising has used massive amounts of money to ‘broadcast’ their messages, hoping the message will ‘stick’ or resonate with some small percentage of users -  a percentage large enough to make their advertising budget (ROI) worthwhile.

The central problem advertisers have always struggled with is that consumers have no reason to listen or trust them. The advertiser is speaking at them, not with them. The advertiser is a stranger. And this makes all the difference in the world.

The new paradigm in advertising is Trust Marketing. Simply put, when product placement or product mentions occur within social networks - between friends or followers - the conversion rates of people actually buying or using the product skyrockets. Advertisers achieve a massive increase in ROI. This type of trust marketing is called Native Advertising.

Because of the massive increase in ROI which can be achieved through Social Media and specifically Native Advertising, a fundamental shift is occurring in the industry. Over the past two years, advertising via social networks has exploded from 4.7 billion USD per year to over 7.1 billion in 2014 - with a projected rise to 11 billion in 2017.

But who is getting all this money - this 7 billion dollars in 2015?

You guessed it. The gatekeepers. The owners of the social networks. Not the users.

800 million dollars went to Twitter last year. How much of that went into your pocket?

Part 5: The Viral Revolution

The future belongs to those who can see it. And of all the statistics and projections you need to know, the most mindbending- and critically important - projection is this:  spending on Native Advertising (product placement in tweets, feeds, posts, etc) is projected to outstrip  ‘normal’ display advertising by 2018:

Viral is a 100% Native Advertising platform. It is designed to do three things:

Tap into the massive flow of money into social media advertising, and especially the shift towards Native Advertising
Disrupt the current model where the gatekeepers (the owners of the social networks) take all this money for themselves
Funnel these revenues to Viral users instead, using a fully transparent, block chain based distribution model

Part 6:  ICO details

Total coin count 5 million

Phase 1: Crowdfunding:  April 29 - May 5, 2015

In keeping with the philosophy of a decentralized and user owned platform, the initial sale and price discovery of Viral will be carried out through a seven day crowdfunding phase, starting the 29th of April 2015 and ending the 5th of May. Viral has contracted with BayAreaCoins to act as an escrow on the forums for this phase. BayAreaCoins is a Hero Member on BTT and is widely respected in the crypto-community. BayAreaCoins profile:;u=137773

Coins from the crowdfunding phase will be released upon the completion of the ICO, along with the wallets. BayAreaCoins will supervise the distribution of all coins from the crowdfunding phase to the crowdfunding investors. At that point trading will also be opened  on the exchanges.

During the crowdfunding phase, 2.5 million coins will be sold. The total BTC value raised during the crowdfunding will act as the price discovery mechanism for Viral, and establish the ICO price for the ICO on CCEX from May 6.

Crowdfunding participants will also enjoy a special package of investor benefits including:

Private Slack channel hosted by Adam Guerbuez and community managers
First mover updates on new opportunities within the Viral ecosystem
Reserved elite campaigns with dedicated revenue sharing for crowdfunders
Access to private Mumble chat room dedicated exclusively to active Viral investors

Phase 2: ICO on C-Cex: May 6, 2015

The Viral ICO price will be set at the discovered crowdfunding price plus 30%.

If the ICO sells out within the seven days, the top 10 investors during the crowdfunding phase will have the option to supplement the ICO pool with up to 20% of their initial individual Viral investment, thus returning an automatic 30% gain on these coins.


May 20: 
Mac, Windows, Linux Wallets
Coins from both Crowdfunding and ICO released
Trading begins
OAUTH linking, Viral network & node creation begins

June 3:
Viral Platform launches.
Revenue sharing begins
In-wallet Viral Dashboard with full user revenue management
Twitter Integration

June 20: 
2.0 Wallet iterations
Mobile Wallets
VERIFIED Whitepaper release

August 3:
You Tube Network Integration
Google+ Network Integration

September 10:

VERIFIED protocol launch:

The VERI protocol will run on top of the VIRAL blockchain. The VERIFIED protocol will create a decentralized social network that allows users to further monetize their daily social media activities. For a limited period of time, users will be able to burn their VIRAL for Verified tokens (VERI). The VERI tokens will be limited in quantity and be required to further partake in the network. VERI will be to VIRAL as XCP is to BTC.

Social Network integrations
Pinterest integration

October 10:
Instagram integration

Multipool available upon community demand.

Coming Soon!


Viral Wallet Metrics panel:

Click the link or image below to listen to an interview with our lead developer Adam Guerbuez with Rick Stoner on DogeCoinDarkRadio “The Doged”.

News articles and other media links to come!

Team Bio’s coming soon! Interesting in joining the team? Please private message us.

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