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Nothing to do under your summer vacation?


Nothing to do under your summer vacation?

Something interesting and with computers.  ;)

Way not visit Hamburg, Germany:

See the official movie:

Some info about the place:

This could be great Topic for "Chit-Chat Caffe" with recommendations for traveling, etc. :up:


--- Quote from: Pez on 09. August 2015., 08:02:01 ---...

Way not visit Hamburg, Germany:


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I visited Hamburg last Year (in September) because of "COTECA" EXPO (something related to my previous RL job): and didn't know for this "Miniatur-Wunderland". :( It look fantastic... Who knows, maybe next year I again went to the fair.


This Year (July) I spent my vacation in two parts... 1st part with my daughter (again) in Neum (Bosnia and Herzegovina):,6026.msg19391.html#msg19391

... and 2nd part with my girlfriend in Ouranoupoli (Greece):  but during a travel we also visited Thessaloniki (Greece): and slept in: Skopje (Macedonia):  &  Tirana (Albania):

Wonderful time.  8)


Let me know if you have question(s) about mentioned cities and states or need some recommendation/advice for travel.

Also, please share with us your memories and recommendation for traveling. :bih:

I personally can not wait for the summer vacation ... I plan to go to Iceland again. This is just an amazing place with beautiful nature and a great choice of places for adventure.Gonna go on this tour: I advise you to pay attention to this wonderful country!


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