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recovery a word file (*.doc)

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I have a corrupted word file.
When I open it, I have this window message :
An application error has occured and a application error loges being generated winword.exe
Exception access violation (0xc0000005).Adress : 0x301c401f.
It is possible to restore this file ?

Try patching office from Microsoft Update first

1)Open up a blank word file.
2) Select (I)nsert (F)ile from the pulldowns.
3) Point to the corrupt file and suck it into the blank file.
Depending on what's really going on with that file, this may retrieve the data.  You'll have to manually set the margins and headers, but this may get the guts out of the file.
BTW, this is also a good way to suck in the guts of a Word document that is password protected.
Another way is to rename the file as a .txt file then try opening it with Word. You'll probably have to do some serious editing to get rid of the garbage, but at least you'll have the majority of the text.
Or if these suggestions do not help, then it only remains to try a third-party program. If you've got one, use it. If not, then look on the Internet or you can try Word Recovery Toolbox. I only use it in extreme cases. Hope I helped you.
Best wishes!

I hope this topic will useful for you also. Look it please.)

I am very grateful for your advice. Thank you very much! The issue has been resolved.)


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