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Can i know what is the best computer monitor brand to buy ?


Hi to all,

I have been using the Samsung Monitors from the past ten years, but they always need repair within three years after i purchased them.

I am done with Samsung now!

If you are using a computer monitor and it has lasted a long time, can you please give your opinions about what computer monitor brand should i prefer to buy ?

Looking forward to your answers friends..!!

Ironically, My Samsung Monitors have been immortal. I still have a Samsung SyncMaster CRT laying arround and still good to go.
The other options are LG, and if you can spend more, ViewSonic.

Thanks for your answer @jheysen, i really appreciate!! Cheers!!

Ive been using Dell monitors here in work  - excellent life from them as I have some that are in for 10 years and
price wise they are good.

Hi @jamesd,

Thanks for sharing your opinion as well.  :up:


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