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Author Topic: New coin found!! Unitary Status Dollar eCoin (USDe) (try to say that 10 times:))  (Read 3520 times)

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    Unitary Status Dollar eCoin

    Redesigned Website to be Launched Soon
    Wallet Getting Started Video Released
    New Youtube, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter channels established
    Developers in active partnership conversation with fiat --> USDe conversion service provider
    Windows Mobile wallet under development
    Apple IOS wallet under development
    Android Wallet released soon
    USDe donated 150,000 USDe to Save The Greyhounds in Spain foundation:
    Updated Mac Wallet released!
    Updated Source Code and wallet released!
    Block Explorer is now available at
    Major Mining Pools are adding USDE to their supported list.
    USDE Forum launched at

    This project is ambitious in its scope and nature, and we aim to attract, recruit and reward top talent.  Current openings include:

    500,000 USDE - Reliable Web Developer to dazzle the world and keep up with anticipated growth.
    100,000 USDE - Online Game developers - Games that accept USDe such as dice, poker & more (get creative).
    25,000 - 125,000 USDE - Quality Online Service(s)
    50,000 - 100,000 USDE - Viral content creator, including Graphics, Video & Social Media Marketing campaigns.
    5,000 - 10,000 USDE - Translation & promotion of USDE into major foreign languages.
    25,000 USDE - Chat, Forum & Social Media Support Representative & Moderator
    100,000 USDE - Mobile Wallet App Development
    175,000 - 350,000 - Secure & Customized Online Wallet App Development

    5,000 - 25,000 USDE per article - Quality Content, Blog & News Release Writer[/s]

    Ticker Symbol & Coin Name
    USDe (Unitary Status Dollar eCoin)
    Coin Specifications
    Algorithm: Scrypt
    P2P Port: 54449
    60 second block time
    2-hour block difficulty re-target
    5 confirmations per transaction
    120 confirmation mined block maturity
    block halving every 1/3rd of the coin's total supply

    Block Payouts - Ensures fair payout to early adopters & miners.
    Blocks 001 - 0500 - Payout = 100 USDE
    Blocks 501 - 1000 - Payout = 500 USDE
    Blocks 1001 and above Payout = 1000 USDE and Block Bonuses Begin!

    Block Bonuses after Block #1000
    Paid Until All USDE Coin is Generated, Every:
    005 blocks - x005 pay = 5,000 USDE
    010 blocks - x010 pay = 10,000 USDE
    020 blocks - x020 pay = 20,000 USDE
    050 blocks - x050 pay = 50,000 USDE
    100 blocks - x100 pay = 100,000 USDE
    USDE max supply
    1.6 Billion (1,600,000,000)

    Reference USD supply
    1.2 Trillion (1,200,000,000,000) and forever inflating with interest!

    1 USDE Coin Value
    Refer to coin's logo & max supply of USDE vs USD

    Blockchain Explorer

    USDe Games & Services
    ByteDice -
    Arcade Contests -
    Wheel of Fortune -
    USDe Lottery -

    USDe <--> ALT Trading Exchanges

    USDe <--> Fiat Exchanges
    Coming Soon

    About the Coin's Development Team (aka The Board of the Cryptographic Reserve)
    Three Primary Founders, codenamed DrRazi, Benjamen and Cryptonankee.  U.S. Military Veterans, Long-Term Technology Professionals, Bitcoin & Financial Independence Enthusiasts, Anti-Corruption Activists, Politician Bashers & Freedom Lovers. Credit due to our awesome community, including GFX, dedicated promoters, occasional DEVs and Brilliant viral idea generators!

    The team includes, but it not limited to:
    • DrRazi - U.S. Founder, Lead Developer, Windows Wallet, Linux Wallet, Primary Node Servers
    • USD-e - U.S. Founder, Cryptonankee, Marketing & Operations Manager, Research & Development, Human Resources
    • ____ - U.S. Founder, Benjamen, high-ranking government employee, animation expert, full involvement classified by request
    • Luckyguy2807 - Social Media Outreach Consultant
    • Gcr0n - Contributor, Graphics & Illustration Talent
    • Goodrightur - Blog Content Writer & Editor
    • MJ - Blog Content Writer
    • MattK - Blog Content Writer
    • MHowardJr - Legal Counsel & Trusted Advisor

    ...and a giant & caring community of loyal miners, supporters & contributors without whom we would not be here!

    USDE Coin Reserve
    1.5% of USDE - The Cryptographic Reserve Fund is generous -- 1% of the funds will be used for service development, community activism, bounties, promotions and prizes!  The remaining 0.5% will be used for founding, nodes and long-term support.  Further, we chose this number, so that we can focus on developing a successful economy around USDE and relying on donations could take away from this effort.  There are many fiat reserve system refugees who need to be clothed, fed and sheltered! 

    Another Coingen Clone?
    Please… don’t. That’s just reckless! We are backed by real, experienced developers who modified Litecoin source by hand, reviewed & tested both the Windows Wallet & the blockchain extensively. We have and will continue to devote 100% of our resources to a stable currency and post-launch support.

    Why USDE Coin?
    The USDe project’s primary purpose is to attract worldwide adoption of a modern, fast (only 5 confirms), debt and interest-free peer-to-peer network driven currency, which recognizes advancements in technology and consumer needs, while adhering to strict standards of professionalism, integrity and complete operational transparency. In order to reach and penetrate the average household, our team will use a mixed approach: some political satire, lots of humor and hard-hitting, fiat-currency-contrasting facts.  Aside from this, the USDe provides an incentive to miners, because of bonus blocks, which enable miners with lower hash power to generate coin.  Lastly, USDe is scarce, when its total maximum circulation of 1.6B is compared with the ever-devaluing USD with a circulation of 1.2 Trillion and growing exponentially.

    Will you sell USDe at your first opportunity?
    No! -- we are seasoned ALT coin supporters, who have applied lessons acquired from many community project failures and successes, and intend to keep our ‘fingers strong’... actually, pretty far away from any Sell attempts...  Heck, being the Unitary Status Dollar eCoin of the Cryptographic Reserve, the incentive is to keep, spend and save USDe instead! We are confident many, like us will use it as a vehicle to escape from the rampant corruption and greed of those in control of broken & debt-ridden fiat monetary systems!

    Windows Wallet Download!2JomVIzI!quUyCgJi9ZbqeT8jePaWcBBbrEUbE09Z_Z5_zcbBZN4

    After Downloading:
    • 1. Unzip, launch the USDe.exe file, wait for the wallet to synchronize and you are good to go!  If you want to solo mine, minimize the wallet and follow the next steps!
    • 2. Using Notepad, open the file usde.conf in the unzipped USDe folder and update it to reflect your own favorite, but complex username & password
    • 3. Copy the modified usde.conf file to %appdata%\USDE (C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming)
    • 4. Close & re-launch the USDe Wallet (USDe.exe)
    • 5. Wallet should now sync up with the network and you can start solo mining with your favorite mining software!

    Apple Mac Wallet Download

    Android Mobile Wallet Download (to be published to Google Store soon)

    Linux QT Wallet Download [Executable, requires OS-specific library dependencies]

    Source Code

    Solo Mining Information
    Sample USDE.conf:
    Code: [Select]

    Generally, for SOLO mining what you would do as long as your updated USDE.conf file is in %appdata%\usde folder and has your own unique username and password, is launch your CGMINER from a Windows batch file as follows:

    Code: [Select]
    cgminer.exe --scrypt -o -u yourusernamefrom_usde.conf -p yourpasswordfrom_usde.conf -I 13 (followed by your GPU specific settings)

    Mining Pools
    (Note*** USDE is not responsible for the operation of, nor endorses any mining pools. Please try to spread hashrates evenly and remember that bonus block rewards and therefore pool luck is distributed among different pools!)

    P2P Mining Pools
    Pool URL
    Username   USDeCoin Address
    Password   Anything
    Algorithm   Scrypt
    Code: [Select]
    cgminer --scrypt -Q 0 -o -u wallet_address -p x

    Pool URL
    Username   USDeCoin Address
    Password   Anything
    Algorithm   Scrypt
    Code: [Select]
    cgminer --scrypt -Q 0 -o -u wallet_address -p x

    Pool URL
    Username   USDeCoin Address
    Password   Anything
    Algorithm   Scrypt
    Code: [Select]
    cgminer --scrypt -Q 0 -o -u wallet_address -p x

       Do you have USDE in your wallet?

    Fiat USD Refugees are plenty! Contact? Questions? Concerns?
    P.S. You can help your fellow members discover us too! Simple, just add this thread URL to your forum signature.
    More information about bitcoin, altcoin & crypto in general? GO TO

    Cuisvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore persevare... So why not get the real SCForum employees to help YOUR troubled computer!!! SCF Remote PC Assist

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