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Author Topic: Geda VX690HD, the No.1 MP4 of the World Has Landed with a Strong Storm  (Read 4366 times)

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 In an age that HD MP4 takes most of the market share, the two manufacturers Gemei and Angda work together, and promote a new type of MP4---Geda VX690HD.
    The resolving power of the 4.3inch screen is 1920*1080 which is superior to the HD MP4 in the market.
    The appearance of this MP4 is designed by the engineers, which breaks the situation that all the MP4 are the same.
    The thing should be paid special attention to is Geda VX690HD can play the 1080P-wide format video. Even if the code stream reaches 100Mbs, it can cope with it smoothly, which really can be called to play it without conversion. This capability is what RMVB box has.

Geda VX690HD can read the HD DVD and blue ray DVD (Mini Disc), which solves the problem of the disc source. The good capability of the player comes from the excellent processor core. Geda VX690HD adopts the CCAV5400 chips of Chip China Rock. According to the president of Chip China Rock, the comprehensive ability of this chip is above the AMD5400+, here comes the name 5400. Actually, this is a little modest. The ability of this chip is the same as or stronger than the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770. But what does CCAV mean? I don’t know as well.

    Geda VX690HD also has the exciting capabilities: Wifi and OTZ.
    Wifi can let the users surf the net unlimited at a high speed in the area covered by the network, this is known by lots of players.
    OTZ is the short form of Open the Zoo. This is the concept raised by the Global Mobile Equipment Association. Once you have the OTZ means you have got a Laptop, it can link the equipments with a USB interface. Geda VX690HD support switching to the OTZ mood, which simplifies the progresses.
    Meanwhile, Geda VX690HD is equipped with the Entel top touch screen; it supports five fingers work at the same time, which is superior to the performance of IPhone.
    Have you notice the interface? Geda VX690HD can use the Windos3.1/Windos95/Windos98/WindosNT/WindosXP/Windos2003/WindosVista/Windos7 series operating system. The president of Chip China Rock said that they will add the support of the UNIX system.
    The most exciting function of Geda VX690HD is the simulator of the games. It can simulate most of the games in the market, even including the games in the platform of PlayStation. This is closely related to the operating capacity of the chips of Chip China Rock.

  The CCAV5400 chip whose main frequency is 5.40GHz which is higher than the common PC is just as its name. Meanwhile, Chip China Rock adopts the manufacturing technology of 4.5namo chips from “SONI”. It integrates 64 cores in the only 1square centimeter of silicon wafer. That is to say, CCAV5400 is a processor is of 64 cores. The chip of the daily Pc that the present common technology produced is only 4 cores to the most, and the 6 cores are still under testament. However, the CCVA5400 has 64 cores. We can say that Chip China Rock has beyond the earth and human beings!

  According to the introduction of the main designer of the system structure Hua Xinwei, CCAV5400 has no any video processing modules, but depends on its strong capability to soft decode the videos. We can see from the picture (the sketch map of the single core of CCAV5400) shown below that there is no any video processing parts. Some people say that soft decode is less efficient and less direct than hard decode. It is true. Compared with soft decode, hard decode can indeed save lots of electrical power. In the condition of consuming the same energy, the hard decode has better quality. However, under the frequency of 5.40, whatever video can be played, not mention that it is under 64 cores process. That is to say, CCAV5400 can play whatever the player software can play.
  With such a strong chip, lots of films can be played. The more the films, the more space they will take. The storage capacity of the flash MP4 in the market takes the most part. Usually, a film is about between 200 and 800 MB, while the HD film is about several GB. Considering this, Geda VX690HD adopts the solid-state hard drive developed by the eastern data. It is known to us that when the common HD is processing, the disc inside is rotating. While after adopting the new SHDD technology of the eastern data, instead of rotating the disc, the magnetic head rotates. This could protect the atom of the disc from the centripetal force when rotating at a high speed, and this protect the data, meanwhile increases the HD’s capacity. Geda VX690HD uses the 1.8 inch SHDD HD whose capacity is 4TB (4090GB).
  It needs not only the capability of playing the video, but also the high-quality audio processing chips. The audile and visual feeling adding the famous movie can only be described by one word --- cool! Geda VX690HD adopts the IMusic12345chip of the Imp3 Company. IMusic12345 is a 32 bit low-cost stereo codec, as well as an audio output chip of high integration and high capability. IMusic12345 provides sufficient power to the each channel of the stereo headset with 10W. What does 10W mean? The power of a common speaker tape is only 0.5W. There is a 5 inch speaker here, whose power is 5W. Its speaker is larger than the headset. The 10 W output is of very strong power, which can be called as luxury set. The users can bravely choose the high level headset, even the high-power subwoofer. It provides the user with the excellent pictures as well as the high level audile enjoyment of the cinema level.
  Some people say that there is something wrong with the HD of the VX690HD; they say it is not the solid-state HD. If you are serious, you will fail. There should be some explain. The solid-state HD that VX690HD uses is not the common SSD HD, but SHDD HD. The storage media of the SSD HD is flash memory, while the SHDD HD uses one or more Aluminum or glass disc the same as the HDD HD. The operation process of the HDD HD is the rotation of the disc, and the movement of the magnetic head is very small. As for the operation process of the SHDD HD, the disc is static compared with the HD, and it is the magnetic head moves. Therefore, it is named as solid-state HD. The HD that adopts the SHDD technology increases the HD’s shock resistance due to the irritation of the disc. Meanwhile, because the disc doesn’t rotate, the atom in it will not move due to the centripetal force. Therefore, the SHDD technology takes or put down the atom from the disc by the magnetic head. The place that the atom has been taken is scanned will form a low voltage, which is numbered as 0 in the computer language, and the place with no space is numbered as 1. Theoretically speaking, if one atom that has been taken is a data, then a disc can store a large number of data. But the SHDD technology is not that mature at present, it can only take 10^5 atoms at one time. Therefore, the memory space of VX690HD’s HD has only 4TB capacity.
    What does the code “Piacepy” mean? There isn’t such a word in the dictionary, but it reads like something, doesn’t it?
    VX690HD Materials is supplied by
    Micheal Jackson dvd dvd tv show tv show on dvd dvd box set cheap dvd dvd shop buy tv shows dvd box set

    Pls not delet the content above if you want to reprint
    The evaluation of Geda VX690HD
    (Now it’s time to test the capability of the modem.)
    The evaluation started.
    The weather is fine today; I went home eagerly for the Geda VX690HD had arrived. I asked the security for the package, put it on the table and did something I would never forget for a whole life--- go to the toilet. (Who is joking? Nobody will have the intension to evaluate something if he wants to go to the toilet.)
    I unfolded the package, and the MP4 appeared. This one is very different from the other MP4. Other packages are of single color, while this one is pretty good. It is true that this MP4 has breaks the same appearance of the regular MP4. For it is a model machine, there are the words “No selling” on it.
    Compare the package of Geda VX690HD with the package of Gemei X-690HD, AngdaVX787 and Angda 767.
  The back side:
    There are four direction keys, four function keys, tow L/R keys, one rocker, one OTZ key, two volume increase/ decrease keys, a screen resolving power changing key, a select key, a start key, a fixed ring for rope, a T-shape USB interface, a Wifi switch, a video output port, a headphone connector and an on-off key. There is a place in the side which is like a place for card but actually not and a hole which is like the hole for charger but actually not. I will explain them later.
There are two small holes beside the USB interface. Maybe they are used to fix something, but I don’t know.


  Then I opened it. It shocked me after I opened it. What appeared was the familiar picture of the WindowsXp processing bar. Can the MP4 operate WindowsXP? Is it a startup image or a real XP?
  I got the confirmation 3 seconds later that it is a real WindowsXP. They are the same desktop and icon. I feel it is not so comfortable to use the touch screen. The two keys on the left and right side of the body is used as the left/right key of the mouse. Move the mouse to the icon and then press the L key twice means to open it. The speed of running software is much quicker than my desk-top (AMD3800+;Weigang 1GB DDR2 667 X 2). Maybe it is because it hasn’t installed any software. However, the scene appeared 2 minutes later shocked me a lot. The desktop changed as shown in the picture below.
  The picture taken by camera is not that clear; let’s have a look at the screenshot.
    What a shock! To buy a brand PC, it is necessary to install genuine system. However, we see the black screen in Geda VX690HD…….
    According to the advertisement, VX690HD can install the operating system from Windows3.1 to Windows7 series. It is a pity that I don’t have any other Windows installation software, and I can’t test that.
    I find an OTG line which may be used as OTZ line. After I linked the keyboard, it appeared a notice that found new hardware. Less than 1 second, it notified that the new hardware can be used now. Open a notepad, input any word into it, all can be seen in the notepad. Maybe OTZ and OTG use the same line.
Under the condition with no keyboard, you can use the touch screen and the key of the bogy of the VX690HD. The rocker can simulate as the mouse. Once press the start key, the start menu will appear. The direction key can be used to select, and the select key can be used to confirm. I think even the best key will be wore out. For the sake of the key, please use the external keyboard.

By the way, let’s have a look of the configuration of VX690HD.

    256GB EMS memory, my god! What a terrible number!
    Then, prepare the evaluation of the video and audio. I installed the play software in the VX690HD so as to evaluate its playback.
    By the way, although the VX690HD uses the full HD Led screen of 1920*1080, in a 4.3 inch screen, operating the Windows under the resolving power of 1920*1080, the icon can’t be seen clearly. Considering this, there is a button in rounded rectangle shape in the bottom of the VX690HD. It may be mean the screen, press it the resolving power of the screen will be switched among 848*480, 1280*720, 1440*900 and 1920*1080 so as to adapt to different uses.
    First, it is the RMVB series.
The first one is part of the 720P video of Tokyo Drift which is very famous in the CC1600 Robert.

It plays perfectly. There is no block and scene that sound and picture is out of step.

Then, I copied all of theMASH DVD,Family Guy DVD,Battlestar Galactica DVD,House DVD,Planet Earth DVD,Disney Special DVD,OSCAR DVD,007 James Bond Ultimate,Collections DVD,Charmed,Supernatural DVD,Star Trek The Motion pictures DVD,X Files dvd,The Simpsons season,Will And Grace,StarGate SG1,NCIS DVDthat I bought in to the VX690HD to test its transmission speed and play ability. I bought so many DVDs in this website because they are cheaper there. All the above files added is about 155 GB, after I connect the data wire, and copied the above content to my VX690HD; I found it surprisingly that the transmission speed can reach 900Mb per second. The 155 GB content has been copied within 4 minutes to the VX690HD.
    The MP4 testing clip of Aino Company is also in RMVB format (take a use of their bit rate chart).
    The following is the clip of “King Kong”, its resolving rate is 1280*720, the max bit rate is 15665kbps, and the average bit rate is 6967kbps.
  It also plays perfectly.
    This is the best testing video of V6000HDV.
The following picture is the testing video of “The Rundown”, its max bit rate is 53192kbps, and the average bit rate is 16863kbps.

    It still plays perfectly. It seems that VX690HD can deal with the video, at least in the 720P high bit rate films.
    But it’s not over! It’s only 720P, the VX690HD claims that it can play the films of 1080P.

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  I don’t have films of 1080P at hand, so I have to record it myself. Therefore, I made the video and did the further test. Later, I recorded a piece of video of “Need for Speed11”. Then I record the AVI video that is uncompressed in the resolving rate of 1920*1080. Later, I compressed it into 1080P avi、mpg、divx、div、xvid、mpeg、wmv、mp4、pmp、mov、rmvb、h264、mkv format, and copy them all at one time.
    My god! All of them can be played very smoothly (because they are released by the Storm video).
    I looked the bit rate of this RMVB. For I chose the best effect when compressing, the bit rate of this film reached 467.7921Mbps.

    I only put a picture here for it’s time-consuming to take all of the pictures.
I think that the films over 1080P still can play for the existence of the Storm video. But I am afraid that it’s hard to find a film of such high resolving rate.

When the highest resolving rate is open, the screen of VX690HD is more exquisite than those of 800*480. It keeps the high contrast when maintaining high resolving rate, which makes the color of the screen very bright.

This is the screen that the contrast is highest. It is very gorgeous.
  There is no distortion exist in the screen of VX690HD when looking up, looking down or having a side look. It is of great effect for many people to share one film.
    After the test of the video, let’s test the audio. For the existence of Storm Video, the format is not a problem.
    The key problem is the timbre. I used the earphone that I bought in the street for 2 yuan and Sennheiser MX440, and the format is ape files. I found it surprisingly that the difference is not that great. Treble, tenor and bass are shown perfectly. Is that an auditory error? Then I used the “Ferry”, “motto派手にね!”, “Dong Feng Po”, “God Knows” and other music, it turned out that the 2 yuan earphone and the MX440 showed the same effect.

Then I opened the loudspeaker, even I turned the loudest sound and it showed no breaking sound. The most amazing thing is it sounded like you are wearing an earphone. The treble hadn’t been distorted even if you stood a little far away, and the bass is very steady. It is completely without the feeling of the MP3 and MP4. What’s the matter?

This should contribute to the IMusic12345 chip of Imp3. The perfect output of the chip feed the information to the speaker when the earphone is connected. Then, it made a best sound plan, which can show the perfect effect through both the non-brand and high-end earphone. If you have the IMusic12345, why do you need the high-end earphone?

I get the information that the IMusic12345 can output 10W power. Then I tested it by my own speakers, both of which are 40W power.

Sometimes the speaker is a little loud, and it sounded no difference exist compared with the earphone. In addition, there is no phenomenon that the push is too weak. Chip China Rock said that their chips are more or less the same as the AMD5400+, actually, they are better than all the CPU of other companies. The IMusic12345 claimed that the largest output is 10W, but it played perfectly in two 40W power speakers. Is that the recent chip manufacturers are playing the low key?

    Now, let’s test the game features.
The truth is that I studied it for a long time and still didn’t know how to play. After a long time study, I finally found that if press the start button in the low-right corner for a long time, I could enter the built-in system interface of VX690HD. This button can used as the switch button between the built-in system and the operation system installed in the HD. In the built-in system,, the resolving rate of the screen will switch to 848*480, and the key used to switch the resolving rate became the key to adjust the brightness of the screen. The built-in system is very simple.

The interface after the open of the simulator is like the photo below.

The bring game of VX690HD is called Ali Bubble Dragon. It is mainly about a poor but kindhearted young guy named Alibaba in the ancient Persia Kingdom. He earned his living by wooding. One day, he found that a group of bandit went into a cave with spell. After the bandit left, Alibaba took some of the treasure out of the cave. Soon, the bandit found that the treasure was lost, and the angry bandit head Atifu followed Alibaba’s footprint to find the thief. They tried to gain the treasure through the fight of Bubble Dragon. There are four characters in the game for the players to choose: the kind Alibaba, the mean female neighbor and others. The four different maps can let you enjoy the different Arabian scene. Moreover, it contains lots of game props, NCP and other special events. There are lots of funs in the game.

    The interface is like this when you open the games.
    Geda Game Entertainment Inc. actually has developed only one game. But it developed the almighty game simulator for Geda VX690HD.

The PSP game: Silent Hill: The Origin

The PSP game: The Agreement of Suzumiya Haruhi

PS2 Game: GT4

NeoGeo Game: The King of Fighter 97

    All of the progress is very smooth, with no block. I think that the main game features of VX690HD are to simulate the game of PS/PSP/PS2. While there are plenty of simulators sold in the street, whatever games can be played in the VX690HD. Therefore, I won’t test other street machines.
    What surprised me most is that VX690HD can simulate PS3 games. But it doesn’t support the XBOX game series.
PS3 Game: Tears to Tiara

    Let’s have a look of its other functions. I will keep it a secret for the moment and show no pictures.
Before introducing some function, I will mention the place seemed like to insert the card that I said before. When I open it, it’s not a place for card, but a hook. After a pull out the hook, …

Wow! VX690HD becomes a pocket spring balance! The screen shows that it can weight things within 30KG.

Is that shocking? Wait a moment! There are something more shocking! Then, it is the second function----

Woooooow! VX690HD now is a lighter! The place that like the place for charger I mentioned before is the place for the fire. The L/R key can be used to adjust the fire. According to the smell, it seems the lighter uses coal. After starting the lighter, the screen will turn by its own, which is convenient for use. Is that “zippo” on it?

Here are the pictures of other functions.

Let’s open the back side which is the cover of the battery. It seems that the battery can’t be got out of. The structure is very complicated.

    There is an inlet in the top. It is very small, and may not be seen in the photo, so I won’t show it here.
    The battery here adopts the new technology which can change the water into electric. We know that according to Einstein’s Mass-Energy formula, energy E=△MC^2, that is to say, if one thing lose the weight of M, it will release energy which is M by the squire of the speed of the light.
    Geda VX690HD adopts methods that the battery forms by the water molecules’ annihilation developed by Beifu. It can change the water molecules into energy. It can input 20g water each time, and it gains the energy during the annihilation of the water. When the water molecules lost, △M is about 20g, the energy that the battery gained is about E≈0.02×300000^2=1800000000J,which is about 500°electricity.
    Let’s estimate to a higher level, suppose the working power of VX690HD is 10W which is very high for a MP4, and then 500°electricity can afford VX690HD to work continuously for 500000 hours, which is about 57 years. Only input the water for one time can be used for such a long time, maybe the battery can still work until the day the MP4 is broken. That’s why there is no charger interface.

VX690HD can only read the TMD (Transport Media Disc) made for VX690HD. it is only a box, which can fill the small CD, VCD,DVD,HD DVD, blue-ray DVD and other DVD discs.

    Geda disclosed that they have developed a kind of disc called Gamma-ray disc. Gamma-ray, found by the French scientist P.V. Willard, is a kind of electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is very short
The shorter wavelength of the electromagnetic wave is, the more information you can get in unit area. Therefore, the Gamma-ray improves the storage capacity of the disc. A piece of single-packaged Gamma-ray disc TMD can store about 16TB information.

Here is the TMD storehouse of VX690HD. because I don’t have TMD, and I can’t do the test.

    The output of the video became impossible for the lack of wire.
    All in all, Geda VX690HD made me feel it worth 3999RMB. Its function are very various, and it can replace lots of machines nearby.
    Take a group photo of the four MP4.

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