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Well guys, I don't think normally we would do this announcement much. But hey what the hell.

We hit 5,000 scForum Members today  :) I just wanted to thank you all for making SCF what it is today, And I hope in the next up coming months we hit 10,000 and more... :bih:

Anyways thanks guys and girls.. For helping make this Community what it is today.

FYI, 5000. SCF Member "liamwilson1980" will get nice and valuable gift from our sponsor SUPERAntiSpyware: and that is License Key for SUPERAntiSpyware Professional LIFETIME Edition!

More info's about SUPERAntiSpyware:,116.0.html


If SCF Member No.5000 doesn't reply in next 24h it will lose this gift and We'll contact No.4999., after that 4998. and so on...

What is my number ?  ;D
Congratulations for the milestone, Our best wishes for this great forum   ::)

congrats . . way to go


Thank you guys.  :up:

@ haz: No.1908  ;)


Since "recent" SCF Members 5000. "liamwilson1980", 4999. "torressilva" & 4998. "hasanzaheer" don't reply to my mails... SCF Team is make decision to this award license give to one "old" and active SCF Member... which is first post reply to this Topic... "haz".   8)

Congrats my friend!

All the Best,

Samker & SCF Team


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