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Is it worth it to invest in virtualization management?

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There is certainly a continuing trend towards the use of virtualized environments. This might be because it is a cost-effective way to do business, but there also seems to be some kind of industry cache in using tools that are being continually hyped. It is no wonder, then, that so many IT professionals are starting to demand the tools necessary to deal with these environments. Virtualization management software might be able to go a long way towards actually fixing some of the more common problems, but the idea of investing in a new management suite can also be troubling for some.

As companies continue to invest in virtual tools, it seems likely that actually investing in virtualization management is a reasonable idea. After all, consider the amount of money that can be saved simply by allowing IT staff to do something as simple as being able to gather relevant statistics about cloud infrastructure. It might be a fine idea for those in management to simply assume that everything will work out just fine because the technology is supposedly so wonderful, but even giving the actual IT staff the ability to get the raw data from the new system is more useful for reducing downtime than any investment in another cloud product.

Is virtualization management perfect? Probably not. Everyone in the industry is quite familiar with the downsides of using any kind of virtual infrastructure, and there is nothing that says a particular management program is going to solve every problem magically. It does seem like a wise investment, though, for when something does inevitably go wrong. It is hard to determine a time in which having another management tool would not be particularly useful, though it is probably safe to say that only those management programs that actually offer a full suite of useful tools are worth the investment.

My bread and butter has always been the SOHO/VPN/intranet portal types. But now, so many want various SaaS services available from a common VPS account. So we're using a hybrid environment...RightScale/Equinix. As for sec, IMO, Cloud services are just like any other web services...they need to be managed by competent admin/techs. Today, we even use Cloud service for backups. We actually use it to mirror all domains/all appliances to another DC 250 miles apart(Dallas/Houston).

BTW Anyone here going to Interop next week?


--- Quote from: mikey on 02. May 2012., 15:35:32 ---...

BTW Anyone here going to Interop next week?

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Unfortunately NO, it's to expensive (registration pricing and information: ) and to far away from me...  :(

What about you Mike, did you have plans to visit Interop??

By the way, "Speakers List" is great:

Was thinking about it. :)

I got an invite for us to tag along with some folks. Been a long time since I've been to Vegas. Would be fun...charter flight and lodging included with the invite. Unfortunately, even tho semi-retired, I just have to much stuff going on including a home remodel that is now into it's second year. I wasn't even able to decide till nearly the last minute. :)

Seems to me that what we do today isn't so much different from what it has always been. Hasn't sharing a host always been about managing some kind of containers? I really would like to have gone with them. Oh well...


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Been a long time since I've been to Vegas. Would be fun...charter flight and lodging included with the invite.


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Definitely, think twice pal...  O0


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