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Author Topic: NEW SCforum Exclusive: 3x Firesage's MBRWizard Suite 4.1 - including bootable CD  (Read 10410 times)

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SCFORUM.INFO is proud to present our latest giveaway! 3 free licenses for Firesage's MBRWizard Suite 4.1 with 1 year free updates.

The MBR... Surprisingly tough topic when it comes to it! Do see,7964.msg19985.html#msg19985 and further for an elaborate overview of possibilities and solutions. None of them easy ;S

Now, first an introduction and some copy pastes.

In the next reply a review with my personal experiences.

Then, on February 1st 2014, 3 licenses with 1 year of free updates and lifetime license for the software itself - including iso images for bootable CD / DVD, will be given to randomized users that replied on this topic with a BIG "Peace! And hit me up!" remark...

Firesage's flagship (now) is a webshop system called fsCheckout. We will NOT discuss that here ;p

In advance, I checked with  The current version has been tested with, and fully supports Windows 8.1. I thought that was important to know, the website does not reflect this information (yet).

Other products of interests by this company:
- RecoverMyPartition (Was: $36.95. Sale: $18 with 1 year free updates)
Recovers lost partitions* - Devvie smells another new giveaway!
- Bootsage Flash Builder (FREE)
Create a bootable Windows 7 installation flash drive, or a WinPE bootable environment from a single, simple to use interface.
A new and easy method of distributing WinPE using pre-built Wim files included with the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)
- fsnetter (FREE)
Designed to simplify the network configuration process under Windows PE


MBRWizard Suite 4.1

Fix, Protect, and Restore your Master Boot Record (MBR)

On sale. Was: $19.95. Now: $9.95 with 1 year free updates.

Repair and Restore your MBR

Has your MBR been corrupted by a root-kit virus or other malware?

Are you experiencing difficulties booting your computer?

Make sure you check out MBRWizard, the simple-to-use MBR repair and restore solution.

Whether you are addressing problems caused by malware, dealing with the effects of disk-level imaging from products such as Symantec Ghost or Acronis Backup & Recovery, or experiencing boot problems caused by experimenting with Linux or dual-boot scenarios... MBRWizard is here to help.

Protect your Master Boot Record

For nearly a decade, MBRWizard has been a trusted solution to manage, protect, repair, and recover the Master Boot Record (MBR) on both PCs and Server class computers. 

The MBR contains the vital information required to boot your computer and maintains the data structure of the hard disk... how are you safeguarding your critical data from failure or corruption? 

What would happen if you weren't able to able to access your documents and pictures due to a lost partition?

MBRWizard 4.0 is designed to protect these areas by backing up the critical disk sections before disaster strikes... and can help repair the most critical section in case of failure or corruption.

MBRWizard GUI: Updated Graphical Version. MBRWizard offers a new, user-friendly graphical interface version of our flagship product.

With simple point-and-click navigation, an easy-to-use feature set, and basic wizard driven operations, primary tasks become straightforward for even novice users, while still helping to prevent accidental changes.

With MBRWizard 4.1, even novice users will be able to quickly backup, restore, repair, and solve other MBR related issues.

MBR Cloud Backup: The release of MBRWizard 4.0 brings the ability to backup the MBR directly to the Firesage Cloud!

No longer will you worry about misplacing your backup files, or losing the media on which they are stored.

Simply select Cloud Backup in MBRWizard, and your MBR data will be securely stored on our servers... safely away from your computers.

Bootable Media

MBRWizard Suite 4.0 also includes a download link to the MBRWizard bootable media, provided to help you work with a machine that is no longer bootable due to a corrupt or missing MBR.

Also incorporated in version 4.0 are new utilities to help you build custom WinPE bootable media, with options to include additional files and custom drivers in the bootable environment. We have also simplified the process for using MBRWizard CLI from Windows. Make sure you check out the Reference tab for more information.

For more information...
We hope you found us before disaster strikes, in which case MBRWizard can help safeguard your system and hard drive configuration by capturing a backup of the MBR... before problems arise. 

However, if you reached us due to current problems with your system, make sure you check our reference guide to assist in identifying any problems and potential solutions.

Background information for the newbie

How to Fix the MBR (Master Boot Record)

Let's fix the MBR

So, what is this thing called the MBR, and how am I supposed to fix it?

The MBR, which stands for Master Boot Record, encompasses the first sector of your hard drive, and serves the following three very important purposes on the disk:
* Defines the partition layout on the disk, including the number of partitions, their size, location, etc. This layout is essentially the map of your disk, describing where the operating system can find the boot and other partitions and structures on disk. Without this layout there there are no partitions, no operating system, no data.
* Maintains the Disk Signature, which helps the operating system remember the disk on which it's running. Under Windows, this allows drive letters to be reassigned to the same partition between reboots.
* Contains the boot code for the disk, which starts the boot process and turns control over to the actual operating system.

Results of a Corrupt Master Boot Record

When the MBR becomes damaged or corrupt... the best case scenario is an operating system that assigns incorrect drive letters. After that, the problems become progressively more serious, such as a computer that won't boot, a destroyed operating system, or permanently lost data such as pictures, video, documents, etc. The most common MBR issue is when the boot code becomes corrupt, typically due to a virus or other malware, but also from errant applications and users with toolsets too powerful for their own good. When this occurs you will likely see one of the following messages when attempting to boot your computer:
> Missing operating system
> Error loading operating system
> Invalid partition table
> MBR Error 1
> MBR Error 2

These messages typically indicate that the boot code needs to be repaired, which normally allows the boot process to identify and redirect to the correct partition. There are a handful of software applications that have been designed to repair the MBR boot record, but most are command-line based, and can be very difficult and error-prone to use.
Please note, if you aren't experienced with command line apps you may be in for a surprise. This is precisely the reason we developed MBRWizard... to provide a simple method to backup, restore, and repair your master boot record.

Repairing the Master Boot Record (MBR) with MBRWizard

Repairing a corrupt MBR with MBRWizard requires just a few steps, and a moment of your time. To begin, start MBRWizard under Windows, which supports all versions of Windows starting with 2000 through Windows 8, including WinPE, and even Linux. Now, locate the disk with the corrupt MBR and select it as the live disk and click on repair. We are now on the Repair screen, which you see below... simply click on the MBR version you would like to use, and finally, click the Repair button. Voilà, the MBR boot code has been rebuilt to the same specs as when it was first created!

MBRWizard Versions and Features

MBRWizard is delivered in two different flavors, fully designed to simplify the process of protecting and recovering the MBR:
1. Standard command line version for scripting and automation
2.Graphical Windows version to make managing the MBR a breeze.

Check out the following list of features provided in MBRWizard Suite, each designed to simplify the process of keeping your data safe, provide repair functionality, or offer additional technologies to ease the difficulties of managing the MBR:
* Capture Backup files of the MBR and other critical sections of the disk
* Restore previously backed up files, recovering disk sectors to an earlier state
* Repair or rebuild a corrupt or damaged MBR
* Keep a safe copy of your MBR online, located securely in the Firesage Cloud
* Modify the Disk Signature
* Manage disk partitions, including... create partition, delete partition, set active/bootable partition, set hidden or visible, and change partition type
* Support for both removable and fixed disks. In fact, all operations can be performed on any disk in the system
* Secure wipe the MBR or entire disk
* Included Bootable media iso file, to help repair systems that can no longer boot

MBR Repair if necessary, otherwise Protect!

We are repeatedly asked, "Rather than attempt to repair unknown corruption in the MBR, wouldn't it be easier to simply restore the MBR from a previous backup?" Each time our response is the same... Absolutely!   

Seriously, why would anyone want to risk their data to a single disk sector, that could fail at any time and destroy all the data located on the disk?

Make sure you always have a safe backup of your master boot record saved to a safe location... you may never need it, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

You never know when accidents may happen or malware may strike. (EDIT: but it usually does)

MBRWizard can certainly repair a corrupt MBR, but why wait until disaster strikes? Check out MBRWizard Suite today ... and save yourself the headache of data recovery later!

(end copy paste)

I will ask / will check how this "cloud" storage exactly works. Is it always free? Subscription? I'll repost / re-edit. I do know (screenshot: that the storage is privately hosted with Firesage. Up to 10 versions are supported.

For now, this is it! :)

Help me help you! - Clear 15GB of cloud storage and... 

... karma for you :)


~~~ ~~~

Conare nullius momenti videri fortasse missilibus careant
All spelling mistakes are my own and may only be distributed under the GNU General Public License! – (© 95-1 by Coredump; 2-013 by DevNullius)

*,8555.msg22091.html#msg22091 briefly touches some free software that can do this too...
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Nice giveaway and very handy app! :up:

Thanks D.


Now, it's announced in "News bar" (at the top), together with giveaway. ;)


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I tested the program a few days again (bootable dvd) for a disk of mine that reacts "strange". I got side-tracked with other things, but I have not forgotten. As soon as I can spare this PC for a few hours, I'll use them to describe the software in further detail.

In short: it is a relieve to finally work with the MBR in a GUI. That alone is worth something.

If you have a Linux MBR or something different, that (ofcourse) will be removed. The "Windows" MBR system will be restored. All nicely devided for each OS and type.

Expect more details and opinions, but people really should get more excited about this promo. IT WILL SAVE YOUR BUTT one day - sexy or not, we all have to repair a disk once every few years, right?? Don't lie :)


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Peace! And hit me up! also if it might be too late :-)


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Peace! And hit me up! also if it might be too late :-)

Peace! And hit me up! also if it might be too late :-)

Hi PD,

I believe you'll get license from Devvie very soon... ;)

cya around,



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Can't give the license info: 1 license covers 3 installs. But I'm building a boot disk for you based on Win 8.0 x64. Win 8.1 supported!

Will PM you private download link later...


PS: congrats! :)
More information about bitcoin, altcoin & crypto in general? GO TO

Cuisvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore persevare... So why not get the real SCForum employees to help YOUR troubled computer!!! SCF Remote PC Assist


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