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Author Topic: #ERC @EuropeCoin (Stabilization Fund/PoW/PoS) +550 ERC  (Read 46307 times)

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I depleted my funds for ERC - I'm halting this giveaway! I'll keep it pinned until all bounties are paid: new entries will not be accepted any longer and will be ignored. Thank you all for this great success!

EuropeCoin ‏@EuropeCoinERC
1 ERC equals 0.000405849 EUR.  #ERC let's pass the euro value!
Vote on comkort

So the coin is extremely strong extremely fast!


* Follow
Create a screenshot and upload it to IF you use Google Chrome, you can use this great extension. It will automate the process for you. The screenshot most clearly show you are following them!
Pays +100 ERC

* Tweet something nice or funny to
Reply here with a direct link to that tweet and I will pay you +200 ERC

TASK 3: Comkort voting!
You will need a account to vote 3 times every hour. After you voted, reply the vote numbers you gave it.
--> No numbers, no bounty...  :-X
--> Wrong numbers, no bounty... Wrong = 2340-2344. Correct = 2341-2344
--> Posting a number *somebody else* posted...? YOU lose: you get 1 warning and 2nd time: disqualified!!

Voting is done here: .

Without a comkort account you can only vote once every hour! I'll pay +15 ERC for each vote you give! You can vote and claim as often as you like. Please re-edit your latest reply with new votes until I replied that everyone got paid again. This to prevent flooding of the board.
We were accepted!  :bih:

Go to and reply something positive about EuropeCoin. Come back here and reply with a direct link to your forum post. (I will *not* search for your post! You *must* right-click your reply number and copy that URL back!)
I'll pay +250 ERC.

Got too little? You probably have an URL link ending on ...#new... Sorry!

Don't forget your wallet address! :P


Europe Coin (ERC)

Logo Contest won by @minersmafiauk23

* Fairness, transparence, faith & skilled developement.
* PoW/PoS – Fast PoW period than pure PoS and dedicated multipool

ESCROW FOR IPO: @ btcstore



Population of Europe 2014

Based on the population growth between 2012 and 2013 and the population of Europe in 2013, the population of Europe in 2014 is estimated to be about 741 million people, which is the third most populous continent behind Asia and Africa. We choosed that number for the total amount of coins.


Fair Launch:Wallets will be released some minutes before launch in password protected zip file. First 770 Blocks Reward is 100ERC. This to let people join the network hash gradually to avoid forking, allows people to tweak their rigs on the actual network, and is an anti instamine proper method!


EuropeCoin ERC SPECS

    - Hashing Algorythm: X11
    - 60 seconds block target
    - Difficulty retargets every block
    - PoW Block Reward:
        - 100, 1000, 10000 ERC ascending in the first week;
        - 5000 ERC stable the second week.
    - PoS variable interests:
        - 1st week: 2,5%
        - 2nd week: 10%
        - 3rd week: 15%
        - 4th week and the rest of the 1st year: 5%
        - Years after the 1st interest rate decrease by 1% each year.
    - Total coins will be 741'000'000 ERC (741M)
    - Total coins available in the PoW phase: 137'632'000 ERC
    - COIN CONTROL FEATURE! Check the FAQ for infos


    - 1% premine for IPO ( bounties, giveaways, development, support and maintenance, new feature developments etc. for a total of 7'410'000 ERC of which
           - 75% Used for IPO quotes (5'557'500 ERC)
           - 1'000'000 ERC for Airdrop
           - 852'000 ERC remaining will be used for bounties and future development.

Everything will be public listed. 



-First Two Weeks of PoW with quick halving ascending/descending reward. This means that EuropeCoin could be mined directly only in the first    two weeks since launch. 20160 Blocks est..

Block Reward: Ascending from 100 to 10000 in the first week than halves to 5000 for the second week!
Better explanation below:

Max PoW height: 20,160 (after this network will enter in PoS phase and no more PoW block will be acceppted)

PoW Period Specifications:

- From block 1 to 770 block reward is set to 100 ERC each block to avoid instamine etc.
- From block 771 to 1440 block reward is set up to 1000 ERC.
- From block 1441 to 10080 (end of first week ca.) is set up to 10000 ERC
- From block 10081 to 20160 (the whole second week) block reward is set up to 5000 ERC

At end of PoW stage total coins mined will be 137'632'000 .

After block 20160 PoS Phase will start as explained below:

PoS Period Specifications:

ERC adopts a variable PoS rate with the following interest rate:

1. First week of PoS stake interest will 2,5% after 72h of coins maturation age;
2. Second week of PoS stake interest will be of 10% after 72h of coins maturation age;
3. Third week of PoS stake interest will be of 15% after 72h of coins maturation age;
4. From week four PoS stake interested will return to 5% stable for the first year. Then reduces by 1% for the next years.
5. From week four will be available and mineable a dedicated multipool.

Official Ipo thread here:

ESCROW FOR IPO: @ btcstore


We know that premine or IPO are too much often, in this last period marked by big scam moves and scandals.
We, as skilled team with back experience, knows that IPO could be the ruin or the savage of a coin: everything stay in how you admin this fund.
We've seen IPO vanished, mega dumps, and too much scam speculation with others people money!
Too much people are sending fund to anonymous devs who just care about rob your coin and run away at the first chance.

We're NOT this kind of person. We're professional in real life, so we're also in cryptos.

We want to estabilish a proper stabilization fund for the health and the growth of EuropeCoin and its users. The IPO will work as a community stakeholders (doesn't care if big or little fish) warranty against mass dumpings and big markets manipulations. Plus a little part of it will be used to gain popularity on major and trustable exchange with paid votes if needed to reach the entering in the market.

How IPO will work:

- We have created a public BTC address so anybody can look at transaction made.

- You can apply for IPO in the dedicated IPO THREAD:

- Investors can buy a quote of ERC for a minimum 0.01 BTC to a max of 0.5 BTC per person.

- Every investor will get a proportional amount of ERC based on their payment. Every detailed info on the IPO THREAD(

- When Stabilizations Funds are used to buy ERC or to avoid big dumps pulling buy support, ERC bought will be distributed to Fund Investors in a proportional quantity relative to their quote!

- Think that we'll be thousand of thousand mining this coin: if everyone of your can contribute with a 0.01 BTC to the stabilization fund we will never see anymore hard crash on markets graphs!



Official Dev Team Contacts mail:

Official Website:




Bitcoingarden Forum (For Airdrop and Giveaways): /forum/index.php?topic=369.0]http://[Suspicious link removed]/forum/index.php?topic=369.0

Cryptocointalk Forum:

POOLS is open for Pre-Reg! is open for Pre-Reg! Soon online!


ERC will be listed on[/b]]

      - COMKORT:


We need every available different language translation as possible. PM about this!

Main translations required:
- Chinese Translation:
- Russian Translation
- Polish Translation
- Spanish Translation:
- German Translation:
- Greek Translation
- Italian Translation
- Dutch Translation
- French Translation
- Korean Translation
- Romenian Translation

Bounties offered:

- Block Explorer: Will be ready at launch, with such many features!
- Website: Will be online soon
- First 6 Pools: 5000 ERC Each
- First shop accepting ERC as method of payments or collaboration: 10000 ERC
- Games (every kind of where you can bet ): 2000 ERC
- Services been paid with ERC: 1000 ERC
- Translations: 1000 ERC each language
- Stats:2000 ERC
- Blog or website post: 1000 ERC each


No particulare requirements for Airdrop candidature, unless of having a Btctalkforum account created before launch time!

We will make an initial AIRDROP with a simple candidature process:

- Put in your signature our thread link:
- PM us your ERC address in a time from the launch day and the 5th day (5 x 24h from launch time);
- You will receive you AirDrop Coins in a random day from day 6 to day 14 to avoid dumping.

Simply as it should be!

Who's the team?

We are strong skilled pros of IT world and computers freaks! We already supported many successful coins with our personal works as external freelancers.
We will ensure a fair, in time launch with no problems, as any of the previous coin that joined our support has done.
We're now entering the world of cryptocurrencies with this strong and forward looking coin's project. Our stake interest rate is projected to avoid dump on the markets and to incentivize Coin Holders & Investors holding their coins and accumulate more, without mass dropping the price as seen for too many coins on the market!

As specified in PoS specs since 4th week of PoS will be operative a dedicated ERC multipool! Better than this!

Our Plans:

-* Let the ERC community grow with active PoW mining, giveaways, media coverage and promotion and distinguishing from others coins for our professionality, development and support.

-* Since the start of PoS phase many services will have started to accept ERC as method of payments, thanks to our previous collab with so many developers. We have now so many contacts around that will turn so useful for EuropeCoin! :)

-* Have a multipool ready and operative for the 4th week of PoS.

-* Reach at least two main and serious exchanges, avoiding those who has been hacked too many times in the past!

-* Improve some great functionalities built in the ERC wallet! We aim to create and to be helped in this also by community a second generation of wallet with many new and innovative features such: real time market exchange rate, visual gui to request network info giving more friendly user interface, without the needing also for less skilled people, of writing codes and commands in the console; personalize your wallet; stick some post it on it and more! Everything with light weight coding design optimized at its best!

-* Cause we don't aim to scam anyone it needs to be clear that ERC will start with a “standard” wallet, but in the meanwhile our coder researching about coding the second gen wallet: only after fourth week of pos will be realeased the first beta version of the new designed wallet to avoid any hard fork problem and annoyment for the users and all the network in the main profitable phases of the coin. Second gen wallet progress will be updated and screenshot released.

-* Being able to make some important charities donations that we aim with our hearth and tat are very useful to everyday's life of the less lucky people! We'll release public the name of organizations that we aim to support with charities donations at launch!


What is proof of stake? How does it work?
Check this link for detailed explanation:

What is coin control?

Coin Control is a simple function that allows you to use a single wallet and choose which address you want to use to send a transaction.
This means that you don't need multiple wallet to have different sending address!

For more detailed info check:

How to mint if my wallet is locked?

1st way:
         go to Help -> Debug window -> Console (tab)
              type: walletpassphrase Wallet_Password 9999999  true
                   see the golden lock at the bottom right, it was unlocked

2nd way:
         go to setting->unlock wallet
              type your Wallet_Password
                   see the golden lock at the bottom right, it was unlocked

How can I see coin control?

         go to Setting->Option
              Choose Display tab then check: Display coin control features and hit OK, you will see coin control in Send Coin tab

More information about bitcoin, altcoin & crypto in general? GO TO

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Coin has successfully launched!

18GH/s of total net hash!

EuropecoinERC trading volume going UP

AND they were fast to contact me after the launch concerning my bounties - so they are fair minded developers too  :bih:

More information about bitcoin, altcoin & crypto in general? GO TO

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follow and RT
vote 856 -858
bitcointalk @beks1



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follow and RT
vote 856 -858
bitcointalk @beks1


+250 sent. Please read carefully; I cannot pay out the other bounties as-is now.

Reply with corrections and receive!

Update: sent another +200; found your tweet. Only thing missing is a direct link to your BTT post...
More information about bitcoin, altcoin & crypto in general? GO TO

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following with @justpumping1
tweet to europecoin
Comkort vote(1) 872
Bitcointalk reply (MagicSnow)

address: EJBXzM61VrjrdYtrFAnY9iw84ae1aVgAKB


+1 Comkort Vote: 1018


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    • more giveaway
1. Follow ERC : @sigitchow

2. >> @sigitchow

3. VOte Comcort #868-871

4. #973 - >> retnods

5. ERC : EV5wqT1uvi72XjobQa9e71N4H86xnTY8f8

Nice thank's  :up:


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1) follow : @Jengkol_Arab
3) Vote : 879-881
4) BTT: #986


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