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Author Topic: $HZ #Horizon: #NEXT based crypto with #asset #exchange  (Read 3240 times)

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$HZ #Horizon: #NEXT based crypto with #asset #exchange
« on: 20. November 2014., 22:19:49 »
(expect the new Horizon $HZ ann soon: for now, you can find the original Next Horizon $NHZ here...)

New asset launched for Horizon Next Coin...

FROM: [ANN] [NHZ-SPHERE ASSET] A new Asset on the Horizon [HZ] Asset Exchange

This is something similar to NXT's jl777hodl Asset, but we keep our focus on supporting older and underrated Coins.
First, we will start to collect and hold HZ, gain Value from Interest, keep forging Blocks etc.
After NHZ's Price increases, we will take some of the profits and support some older Coins by buying them and linking the Wallets here.

Shares are online.
Presale for 4.5 HZ will be open for 1 week till 24-11-2014, 8:00:00 PM. CET


Total Asset Shares: 15,000,000
Asset ID#: 16661902544444460183

You can buy Shares on the HZ Wallet Asset Exchange (AE) using the HZ Currency.

1. Get the Wallet from here>> Original HZ ANN >>>>>...or directly from here

2: Buy some Coins from Polo and send them to your HZ Wallet. >>>

3: Buy the Asset from the HZ Asset exchange: ID# 16661902544444460183
>>> How to buy and sell assets using the HZ asset exchange

We are planning to start the Presale with 10-30% (1.5 - 4.5 Million Shares) for 4.5 HZ / Share.  
If we sell them all in the first week, we are going to sell more; up to 30% = 4.5 Million Shares during this Presale, depending on demand

After that the official Price will be at 5 HZ / Share.

First of all, we will focus to help HZ.
The HZ from this Presale will remain in the linked Wallet first.

We are not paying any Form of Dividends.
Instead we are buying back the Shares for 90% of their current Value.
Buy orders will be open right after this Presale; we will start with 4.5 NHZ a Share.
There is almost no Risk for early Adopters.

If the Fund does well, your Investment should become more and more valuable over Time.

We start with:

500 Bottlecaps
10GH Btc Mining Power
2 Hallmarknodes
16k+ HZ in the Wallet

About the Concept:
We are trying to extend the Amount of HZ in the Sphere Wallet.
The buyback/sell Price for Investors will be adjusted on the Amount of Coins/Shares every 1-2 weeks.
50% of Profits will go back into the Fund and 50% will be reinvested in new Projects, like decent old Coins, Cloudhashpower etc.
We are looking for solid overall picks.

As long the Altcoins are not facing some Sort of Cryptogeddon, the fund should continue to rise over time.
This should add up nicely on the mid/long-term run if we do this right.
Everything will be fully transparent and we won’t dump any HZ beside some small sales for new investments later.
50% of the Profits will return to the Fund.
This should help and support HZ too in the long run.

How this whole thing works:
Lets make this simple.

Lets say we start with 10 Investors and sold Shares for 100 HZ @ 1HZ/Share

Beside Interest and Stake from that, we will buy some Cloudshares.  For example,
50% of the profits from there would flow right back into our HZ Stash.
The other 50% would be reinvested in new projects.

Let’s say after 2 Months we have 200 HZ in the Wallet.
The buyback price should be around 1.8 HZ (90% Value of the Stash/ Shares + 50% from the Interest, Profits and Stake on Top).
The other 50% from profits would be reinvested in other projects.
The price level might go underwater on some investments but usually not for very long.
We are trying to avoid this as much as we can.
There is no guarantee, so don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!
This is more focused on support for HZ and older coins.

Hurry up Ladies & Gentleman!  Show some Love and get  HZ because it's very cheap atm.


Facebook Group

Original NHZ ANN

How to buy and sell assets using the NHZ asset exchange


NHZSPHERE Asset Wallet

Bottlecaps (CAP) Wallet
More information about bitcoin, altcoin & crypto in general? GO TO

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Re: $HZ #Horizon: #NEXT based crypto with #asset #exchange
« Reply #1 on: 21. November 2014., 00:14:29 »
I sent them a PM, asking if I could get some more information about this NHZ-SPHERE PROJECT...

Answer? See below :)
Its  in the Thread anyway.

We are already close to 2 Million sold shares, which is already a big Success and resulted in almost 9 Million HZ so far.
There are still over 4 Days of the Presale left.

Everything is fully transparent so far (just look into the 2nd Post) or will it will be fully transparent after its been added.

After the Presale is over we will start to Support Horizon with some Hashpower and Invest in other Things later. Stuff like Mining Power , decent older Pos/Pow Coins etc etc.

We will run Community Votes/ Suggestions for several Investments when the Time has come.

For now we will simply wait until the Presale is over and adding a little here and there.
The real Investment is about to begin when Horizon unleashes the Updates and the Price has become stable on a higher Floor.
So for now just forging, earning Interest and thinking about the next Steps.

50Ghash Btc Mining Power will get added soon, but thats almost nothing if you take a look at the Presale Numbers.
This simply opens some doors for some nice further Investments.

We will not participate in this Pnd & Promo Only Crap.
We came here to last and we will deliver.

For now we will wait until the Updates are out.
Simply join the Facebookgroup if you want to stay updated and participate in some investment Votes.

Regards and have a nice Day.
More information about bitcoin, altcoin & crypto in general? GO TO

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Re: $HZ #Horizon: #NEXT based crypto with #asset #exchange
« Reply #2 on: 13. December 2014., 16:41:06 »
First of all:
Hello Everybody  O0

Pardon Mam. We simply didnt recognize how big and important you are first.  :D
So our reply was kinda more like a short answer to a regular User Request.

Let me give you a quick Update:

Asset ID#: 16661902544444460183)
(Traded over the Horizon (HZ)Asset Exchange

We started with:
20'250'000 HZ
after the Presale.

Last Weeks Fund holdings:
184GH BTC SHA256 Mining Power
2 Hallmarknodes
Horizon: 20'250'843 [HZ]
Mintcoin: 4000268 [MINT]
Diamond: 1000 [DMD]
Bottlecaps: 557.884888 [Cap]
Bitbay: 42052 [BAY]
BitSwift: 1001.27330067 [Swift]
Blocknet: 310.65270768 [BLOCK]
Dogecoins: 1,617 [DOGE]
Karmacoin: 1,124,383 [KARM]
HZ Assets:
NHZDoge: 10'000 (Asset ID: 17671628090540858719)
HZmint: 4'500 (Asset ID: 3824289991269369814)
nhzKARM: 1'840'000 (Asset ID: 14027245553053047036)

Thats for last Week.
We already have some more new Stuff for this Week.
Maybe we will see a CMC add soon aswell.

You still can check us out on BTT:


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Re: $HZ #Horizon: #NEXT based crypto with #asset #exchange
« Reply #2 on: 13. December 2014., 16:41:06 »


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