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Nashtek is a company designed for the people , we will have a app full of crypto learning for beginners and memberships will go on for three months at a time . Nashcoin will power our site and platform we will be starting our ico on August 8th 2022 with members getting an extra percentage when they make there first purchase. Nashcoin will be used to learn how to trade and Buy from online stores . We have got a Nashcoin Wallet being developed for apple and android and also 2 games that can be played on the app to win nashcoins and Nashtek NFT prizes

Mission and Vission

The Mission of NashCoin under NASHTEK is to enable the people
to grow and make huge assets with blockchain and
cryptocurrencies. NashCoin wants to give proper knowledge
through teaching its community about the blockchain. The users
will learn about the way the world is getting and enjoying incentives
with the use of these blockchain in various industries. We intend to
provide people with the knowledge and resources necessary to leave
their typical 9-to-5 job and live the life they always desired. We will
educate people how to invest, when to invest, and how to execute
crypto trades. We will offer online cryptography courses for
beginners and experienced users. The vision of NashCoin is to make
the people rich and provide with the maximum opportunities to
learn and avail the already present opportunities in the market.
This will help the people to avail all the opportunities in the market
as they will already have the idea where will be the opportunities
and where to avail them.


The ecosystem of NashCoin is very broader and robust
as it has its coin with a proper utility. The ecosystem is
focused on the usage of NashCoin to teach the common
people about the use and benefits of cryptocurrencies
with the use of tools and other techniques. The
ecosystem is discussed below in detail.


The process of removing a certain number of tokens from
circulation in order to raise the value of the tokens that are already
in circulation is referred to as "burning" in the world of
cryptocurrencies. Burning will take place within the ecosystem of
the NashCoin coin in order to increase the value of the coin


Name: ---------- Nashcoin
Total Supply-------------21 billion

More info


The Bear Token

❖ Bear token: A Revolutionary Way to Approaching the Bear Market


Welcome to the Bear Token community. Investing in crypto is both exciting and rewarding. However, the recent market slump has resulted in huge losses, forcing investors to reconsider their investment strategies. The Bear Token team wants to take rewards tokens in a new direction—a smarter direction.

Crypto winter is fast-approaching, investors must band together until the next alt-coin season. Rather than offering short-term rewards, the Bear Token will utilize transaction taxes to build a cross-chain treasury.

As the market finds a floor, the Bear Token treasury will be spent buying up tokens at rock-bottom prices. Investors will have the opportunity to decide which tokens will offer the best rewards over the coming year.

Once the bear token has stored up for the winter, the community will go into hibernation until winters’ end. We will have a Groundhog Day event to evaluate winters’ end and to vote on the correct date to unlock the treasury.

When the treasury is finally unlocked, all investments in the treasury will be converted to BUSD and distributed evenly amongst all Bear Token holders.

Buy Tax: 4% Treasury, 1% Marketing, 1% Liquidity

Sell Tax: 4% Burn, 4% Treasury, 2% Marketing, 2% Liquidity






Business talks between Avita and the Government of El Salvador are being held continuously and consistently. El Salvador has already legalized Bitcoin as one of its legal tenders, so these talks are the first steps toward the Crypto world.

Italian co-founder Antonio Vietri, the Golden Shoemaker [Il Calzolaio d’Oro] told us:

“A second meeting with representatives from the Government of El Salvador has already been held, and we believe that great alliances will be sealed, we were welcomed with great kindness and the talks were very productive”
-“We are absolutely enthusiastic about the contacts we have had so far with the government of El Salvador re the creation of a Design Academy in Bitcoin City, but this is just one of the points on the agenda. We are in touch with different Fashion Weeks in different Countries to be part of them”.

“Avita coin has been on the market for almost 2 months now and this is a major achievement, which was possible thanks to a great work of a team that supports and accompanies us.”

“The creation of a Design Academy and the adoption of crypto currencies as a way of payment will empower emerging designers and will give them the chance to have a broader reach for their products and art.” – Said the Italian designer.

Avita token is a decentralized token and Binance user, just like Blockchain. Avita token was designed to create the first true ecosystem of the fashion world, this is why the slogan is “Avita. The future of fashion”. Avita aims at creating an ecosystem that allows the interaction of all parties involved in the fashion industry, that is students, design schools, production, distribution and marketing companies to the end consumer.

The ecosystem will generate benefits and opportunities for the crypto as much as for the fashion industry.

Bitcoin Crash: What is Behind Bitcoin’s Bottoming Out

Risky assets made a strong comeback last week. The United States equities markets rallied more than 5.4% and the crypto markets saw strong gains in select altcoins. Although Bitcoin sustained above the psychological level of $20,000, the gains have been muted.

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Windows / PC / Re: Bored about the new Windows look in 8, 8.1 and 10
« Last post by JessicaSverj on 28. June 2022., 12:57:09 »
Gear box: Also known as transmission, gear box can be arranged into manual and programmed models. Today a large portion of the vehicles have programmed gear boxes which are very helpful contrasted with the customary manual stuff box.
Windows / PC / Re: Bored about the new Windows look in 8, 8.1 and 10
« Last post by AliceBjelke on 28. June 2022., 09:13:11 »
It would be difficult for me to find in excess of a modest bunch of individuals I'd prefer have dealing with a business office 365 e1 I was part proprietor of. I likewise think the ongoing game plan is a decent one.
Around the Web / Re: 10 Fun Games That Look Like Office Work
« Last post by AliceBjelke on 28. June 2022., 09:11:41 »
Chit-Chat Caffe / Re: Edbmails support for OST to PST and OST to Office 365/Exchange
« Last post by SysInfo on 28. June 2022., 08:49:58 »
Marketplace - $€£ / Solidus AI Tech: Use of AI Technology in the Metaverse
« Last post by cryptosp on 28. June 2022., 08:34:02 »
Solidus AI Tech: Use of AI Technology in the Metaverse

Solidus have built a data center and are raising funds to build a state-of-the-art Ai infrastructure which will help to power the current wave of Metaverse & Play2Earn projects.

#Solidus #Metaverse #AITECH #Play2Earn #HPC #cryptocurrency #CryptonaireWeekly #platinumcryptoacademy #CryptocurrencyNews

CryptoCurrencies Base / Looking for white label NFT marketplace development
« Last post by Selenajoe on 27. June 2022., 12:33:56 »
The major aim of creating an NFT marketplace is for potential customers to buy, sell and trade NFTs to gain profits. Clarisco Solutions offers extensive white-label NFT marketplace development services for helping entrepreneurs to launch an NFT marketplace in an effective manner. the benefits you can get from our white label NFT marketplace solutions are

Budget-friendly solution
Customizable at any stage of development
Crypto wallet integration
Multi-layer security
Payment gateway integration
Smart contract development

Would you like to have us for your white label NFT marketplace development? Then without further delay, give us a call right now, Whatsapp - +91 8438836619
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