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MacSonik OLM Converter is a safe and secure utility to convert the OLM files into PST file formats. If the user needs to convert multiple OLM files, Then they can use the software to convert. With the OLM to PST converter software, users can easily convert multiple OML files into PST format and email clients without causing any loss of data. Its smooth and simple GUI makes the works easy for all kinds of technical and non-technical users.

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Nature Science Group Research: Can CBD Ease Everyday Stress?

Can CBD Ease Everyday Stress? Here’s What Actual Users Are Saying

CBD has been taking off with astounding speed in the last couple of years. But it’s not because any of the little start-ups that produce it have large advertising budgets.

Instead, the benefits of CBD products have become known to the public, mainly through word of mouth. As the compound has worked its way from medical marijuana dispensaries into the mainstream thanks to loosening legal restrictions, it’s left a trail of testimonials to its power against many of life’s stumbling blocks. The big one: stress.

Let’s take a look at what CBD users are saying about CBD for stress, how they use CBD at work, and how CBD can help with stress in your own life.

The Basics of Stress

Some of the satisfied users quoted above spoke of “anxiety,” a word that many people use interchangeably with “stress.”

However, when we’re talking about the science of stress, it’s worth distinguishing them in the same way medical researchers do. Anxiety disorders constitute a specific set of mental conditions, such as phobias, panic attacks, and extreme shyness, that create such paralyzing fear that they can severely limit the sufferer’s life. 

Anxiety disorders are complex and usually require professional treatment. Stress, on the other hand, happens to everyone.  

Medical scientists speak of the “stress response” as an instinctive reaction to a real or perceived danger in the environment, especially one that appears suddenly. The response prepares you to either fight the threat or escape from it. Physical aspects include:

* Increased heart rate, to get blood to the muscles and vital organs
* Increased blood pressure because of the higher blood flow
* Dilation of the lungs and heavy breathing
* Loss of appetite
* Sweating
The stress response jump-starts your mental alertness as well, making you attuned to all signs of threat and any possible way to overcome or flee from it. Even after the danger passes, you will likely still feel this hyper-awareness of your surroundings.

These changes are triggered by hormones of which the best-known are adrenaline and cortisol. Both are involved in several bodily functions – more than we need to get into here. But if your stress response gets triggered a lot, this can have profound long-term effects on your health.

What Stress Does To Your Health

Having stress hormones flowing through your body consistently can have several harmful effects:

* Increased risk of heart disease from the high blood pressure that the stress response induces.
* Immune-system suppression – this can be helpful though in the short term to release energy and suppress pain and swelling, but obviously, you need your immune system to fend off infections.
* Pain from muscle tension. Recurring headaches, neck aches, and stomach aches are common symptoms of stress.
* Under- or overeating is an acute stress response that suppresses appetite. Still, long-term, low-grade stress can lead to overeating, both because of the therapeutic effect of food and because of sleep disturbances.
* Accelerated aging, due to cellular effects.
* Psychological and emotional strain. We all know that stress makes most people irritable and unhappy, which can be damaging to relationships. This effect also increases the attraction of specific addictive substances, like alcohol and opiates, that bring on their unique set of health problems.

How Can CBD Help With Stress?

Cannabis has a long history as a treatment for stress, from ancient Indian ayurvedic medicine to illicit joint-smoking in the modern age. But only in the last few decades have scientists been picking out exactly which parts of the plant do what.

All cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate mood, memory, appetite, sleep, the immune system, and many other functions still being discovered. THC, apart from its intoxicating qualities, is useful for controlling inflammation, increasing appetite, and inducing relaxation.

CBD does not have some of qualities of THC, but it does interact with the ECS in ways that appear to reduce the stress response in both human and animal experiments. For instance, studies of people in public-speaking tests found that CBD lowered anxiety both during and after the event.

CBD Products That Can Help With Stress

Because research is still in the early stages, we can’t tell you exactly how much CBD to take for this or that situation. But we can offer a range of products that enable you to use CBD for stress in different ways so that you can choose what suits your lifestyle.
CBD Oil Tinctures and Capsules

CBD oils are the oldest, simplest, and most popular way to take CBD for stress. Our oils consist simply on full spectrum CBD or broad spectrum CBD in medical grade MCT oil, with natural flavoring in some types. 

Research indicates that consistency is important for CBD use since it can build up in the body over time. So a daily serving or two of Nature Science CBD oil can provide a sort of baseline of calm for your life, to which you can add other products like Nature Science Absolute CBG OIL if you’re going through a uniquely stressful period.

CBD oils are also popular because you can incorporate them into food and drink. If you like to unwind with an evening cup of tea, for instance, a nice shot of Nature Science ANMA PREMIUM CBD OIL - PEPPERMINT can make it extra relaxing.

CBD Sleep Aid

Normally, the drugs recommended for sleep disorders are the so-called hypnotics, among which are: benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepine sleep inducers. In addition, antidepressants may be recommended based on the individual's sleep profile. As is well known, hypnotics are not recommended for long periods of time due to their potential adverse effects, which considerably complicates treatment since they are often prescribed for chronic problems.

It is for this reason that Nature Science ANMA CBD OIL or Nature Science Absolute CBD OIL oil can be a very interesting option to complement our treatment and improve our quality and duration of sleep.

CBD Topicals

As noted, pain from muscle tension is a frequent symptom of stress, and one way to target it directly is to apply a CBD topical product at the sore point. It can be even better as part of a more extensive self-care practice, such as a CBD massage. 

“I drink my tea in the morning, have an essential oil diffuser in my trailer, and use a foam roller to give myself a massage whenever I have a chance,” actress Leighton Meester told Shape magazine last year. “I use CBD balm to try to reduce the stress and tension in my shoulders and hands.” 

CBD topicals can be an effective way to use CBD for stress for a more indirect reason: research shows that exercise can help reduce stress, and CBD topicals can aid exercise recovery. 

Before you use CBD for stress or any other purpose, be sure to talk to your doctor. He or she can help you design your best anti-stress regimen and ensure that CBD won’t interact badly with any other medicines you might be taking. If all goes well, the next testimonial advocating CBD for stress might just come from you.
We’re here and working on bringing you closer to this world, step by step.  
Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, so that you’ll never miss any of our insightful articles that will help you decide which Nature Science products are the best fit for you!

More information:
WhatsApp: +41 78 744 95 88
Tel: +34 694 45 89 18
Facebook: Nature Science Group
Instagram: naturesciencegroup
Windows / PC / Groupwise to Office 365 Mailbox Migration
« Last post by alex786 on 17. September 2021., 07:39:58 »
GroupWise to Office 365 migration tool eliminates the need for technical expert consultation and is easy to use. This software comes with a simple user interface and impressive feature that creates a pleasant environment for the users to migrate GroupWise to Office 365. To check out the software's working process and features, one can download a trial version of it.

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Decentralised social graph where each content is an NFT and each creator profile is a DeFi stake pool

Many have attempted to disrupt tech giants with decentralised social networks. And this year, the context has finally made it possible. In 2021, with the mass adoption of DeFi and NFTs combined with inter-operability and scaling solutions, the Internet is now ready to move from the centralised attention economy to the decentralised creative economy.

Creators and their audiences want to own and govern their content and the platforms on which they run.

DeFi and NFT platforms that are successful today were started already in 2017, and according to multiple experts, the next revolution in Web3.0 will come from decentralized social networks, that provide the benefits of decentralization to solve major problems of social giants.

Newcoin Protocol: a new decentralised social graph to build decentralised social networks on the blockchain


CryptoCurrencies Base / Grand Opening of the Largest BSC Casino
« Last post by shariarporosh on 15. September 2021., 14:43:03 »

Mello Token is a redistributive cryptocurrency casino token on the Binance Smart Chain that was launched in March 2021. They have recently announced that the development of their online casino, named Mello Casino, has finished and they will be launching on October 8th, 2021 at 8:08AM PST.

Mello Casino is reported to have a legal entity that will be formed and headquartered in the Central American country of Costa Rica where registration within the jurisdiction of this country legally allows them to perform all gambling-related activities. The tokenomics of Mello Token, named Mellonomics by their team, includes a 3% transaction fee on all buy, sell, and transfer transactions outside of centralized exchanges that will be redistributed to all holders. A profit-sharing program will also be implemented to give 5% of Mello Casino profits to all holders who have at least 100,000 Mello via an airdrop. Holders of Mello Token will be able to utilize their tokens anywhere in the Mello Casino environment and a variety of innovative promotions and bonuses for holders are currently underway to be ready by casino launch.

Once launched, the Mello Casino will be the largest cryptocurrency casino on the Binance Smart Chain. The team behind Mello has developed the casino with their iGame partner Gammastack, a well-known iGame company with over 8 years of iGaming experience, over 250 team members, and more than 500 projects. The Mello Casino will have over 2000 games sourced from more than 40 game providers and will include slots, table games, and sports betting among other casino games. Utilizing their sports betting platform offers an opportunity to bet on sports such as Soccer, Tennis, Football (NFL), Hockey (NHL), and Basketball (NBA) with much more incoming.

The Mello team has also announced some very unique bonuses for their top holders. Every wallet with 1 million Mello or more by Mello Casino launch will get a limited edition 1M+ NFT offering these holders a special casino bonus which is set to be announced at a later time. It is reported that there will never be any more 1M+ NFTs minted after those given to wallets by casino launch making this a very exclusive item. This makes Mello Casino the only cryptocurrency casino that offers a utility within a casino environment for holding an NFT. In addition, all Mello Token holders who have 1 million or more Mello for at least 30 days will get a 2% profit share airdrop in addition to the 5% profit share airdrop. Holders with 1 million or more Mello will also have an opportunity to join the Millionaire Club and receive a physical card with built-in NFC technology that will give them further benefits still to be announced.

Another promotional event the Mello team has reported is the launch of an exclusive Mello NFT collection consisting of approximately 1000 NFTs with varying features and attributes. These NFTs will be priced at 1 BNB each where all profits from this collection will be reinvested back into Mello. Half of the profits are slated for direct reinvestment by adding 250 BNB into the liquidity pool and using 250 BNB to buy Mello Tokens while the other 500 BNB will be used for marketing. The Mello NFT collection is set to be released before casino launch with a date and platform to be released soon.

The most up to date information on Mello Token and the Mello Casino including details regarding the Mello NFT collection, Millionaire Club, and other promotions can be found on their

« Last post by shariarporosh on 15. September 2021., 12:52:04 »



Despite the slight downturn, the institutional adoption of Bitcoin continues to increase. Filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission show that four wealth management firms have bought shares in Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust.

A survey of about 42,000 people in 27 countries by product comparison website Finder showed a high adoption rate in Asia. Among the countries polled, Vietnam had the highest adoption rate at 41%, while India and Indonesia had a 30% adoption rate.


We had highlighted in the previous analysis that the negative divergence on the relative strength index (RSI) was warning that the bullish momentum was slowing down and a break below the 20-day exponential moving average (EMA) could pull the price to the 50-day simple moving average (SMA).

Our assumption played out on September 7 as Bitcoin turned down sharply from £38,257.06 and plunged to an intraday low of £31,011. The bulls could not push the subsequent bounce above the 20-day EMA, which suggests that the sentiment has turned negative and traders are selling on rallies.

The important support to watch on the downside is £31,011. If this level breaks down, the selling momentum could pick up further and the BTC/GBP pair could plummet to £27,000.

The first sign of strength will be a break and close above the 20-day EMA. The bullish momentum could pick up if the pair rises above £34,398.41. Lastly please check out the advancement’s happening in the cryptocurrency world.

Enjoy the issue!

Featuring in this weeks Edition:

- Bondex

- Omnia


- Mining

- Gain Protocol

- Aristo

- DeGeThal

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Solana Hits All-Time High as Coin Rises 14% in 24H

$52K Bitcoin price triggers rally in large caps like Litecoin, Stellar and Bitcoin Cash

El Salvador Buys Its First 200 BTC a Day Before Its Bitcoin Law Becomes Effective

94% Financial Industry Pioneers say Digital Assets will Replace Fiat in 5-10 Years: Deloitte Report




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CW - Website Work

Marketplace - $€£ / Why Business People Prefer Binance Clone Script?
« Last post by alicejenifferze on 15. September 2021., 12:42:27 »
The popularity of Cryptocurrency Exchanges is growing up day by day. youngsters begin to crowded in the Crypto Exchanges to get virtual currencies and we can spot out increased adoption of Bitcoin Payment methods in e-commerce platforms.

What is Binance Clone Script?

Binance Clone Script is made up of top-notch trading functionalities with high-tech security protocols which hold pure source code. Our battle-tested binance clone software package is ultimately built for entrepreneurs who strive to start their cryptocurrency exchange like binance. Bitdeal's binance clone Script is open to customization, business person can make their own choices by picking the desired features based upon their business requirements.

Get Cash For Crypto, MELD’s Crypto Collateralised Loans Are A Game Changer

Cryptocurrencies have solidified their position as one of the most profitable asset classes. Despite the market volatility, the top coins by market cap have provided investors with very high returns over the past decade. As an evolving market, we have seen how those who openly claimed crypto and Bitcoins who were in a bubble, are now shifting sides. From conventional investors and asset management firms to Wall Street giants, all are now wanting to get on the boat.

#Meld #MELDapp #Bitcoin #cryptocurrencies #DeFi #Cardano #blockchain #BTC #GOLD #USD #EUR #CryptonaireWeekly #platinumcryptoacademy

CryptoCurrencies Base / Re: [DGC] Digitalcoin | 3-way algorithm(SHA,Scrypt,X11), 2nd Birthday soon
« Last post by Price In Bangladesh on 15. September 2021., 08:12:38 »
Huawei y9 price in Bangladesh
Performance-wise, there may be little to fret about. It ought to work generally tremendous quick and the battery backup can be passable. A twin back and front digicam with many built-in options to extend photograph high quality is one other benefit of this system.

Among the different cons, there isn’t any Ultra-HD video recording or Gorilla Glass safety for the show and we couldn’t discover out if the telephone has face unlock or OTG.  <a href="">Price In Bangladesh</a>
PSYDOGE (Psychic Doge) is the most rewarded BNB reflection token on the crypto ecosystem. The project allows users to earn the biggest BNB rewards just by holding Psydoge on the BSC protocol. Psydoge is designed and developed by a team of experienced blockchain experts, including developers and marketers. Being a hyper deflationary token, early adopters will enjoy massive gains both in the short or long-term.

Psydoge has a token with the symbol "PSYD." PSYD is the native currency of the Psydoge ecosystem. Users can use the token to make purchases and payments on the Psydoge network. Also it will be supposed to launch their own platform of copy trading through Binance Futures with holders able to expect further profits by following Psydoge's own strategy and accumulative experience of futures trading. 

How It Works

15% of every sell order and 10% of every buy order will be stored in the form of BNB in the Magic Crystal Ball. These tokens will then be redistributed to users proportional to their holders every 3 hours. The transaction occurs automatically and there is no need to wait or claim your rewards. Additionally, 2% of the transaction will be added to the liquidity on Pancakeswap automatically.

Benefits of PSYDOGE

Being the most rewarded BNB Reflection token, PSYDOGE is a movement that rewards participants with BNB giveaways by holding the token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Other rewards that you stand a chance to earn include redistribution rewards, fun card games, and buyback programs. 

The Psy Bet Game

Psydoge has a bet game that you can take advantage of to make more money if things work out in your favor. You can bet your PSYD token to get more BNB rewards and level cards. With a random game, you can select 6 level cards. Plus, each card comes with different token reward values.


●   Project Name: Psychic Doge
●   Token Name: PSYDOGE
●   Symbol: PSYD
●   Total Supply: 1,000,000
●   Decimals: 18

Interested in PSYDOGE? Then get the Trust Wallet or Metamask to get started NOW.

Further Info At:
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