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Author Topic: Devnullius's list of exchanges & other links  (Read 6781 times)

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Devnullius's list of exchanges & other links
« on: 21. June 2014., 20:16:21 »
New exchange with free coins for just creating a free account. Includes referral system too.

Free coins?
- My BEST giveaway is this:
- New exchange with free coins for just creating a free account. Includes referral system too.
- PTR: Petrodollar:,8850.0.html
- POT coin:,303.0.html

SCForum's Software Grab 'n' Snatch!!!,8638.0.html

Do you know about virtual mining? It's way more profitable then you'd think... Free signup here: ;)

And to get us started, here are (some) of the most important sites to notice when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

0. Cryptocoincharts' Exchange List (

1. (of course) Cryptsy (
You don't have a cryptsy account yet??? Well I'll be d#mn&d! Do yourself a favor and sign up right away. It's free, and if you do it with , I'll get some extra cryptsy ponits. To show your love for me or just because you are a nice guy. You won't lose anything! You don't have to trade; only create a free account.
Main currencies: BTC/LTC/XPM

2. ( got hacked - possible relaunch)

3. (promoted by the experts alike) Cryptorush (
I still have to take my first steps with them, but the site looks (indeed) very good!
It's a cryptsy alternative for the really alternative coins - the coins that are probably gonna make it big in the next few days / weeks / months / year.
Main currencies: LTC/BTC
Update: due to solvency problems / hackers theft they are currently closed for a re-launch. Taking longer than expected. Hope it's back soon - my last BTCs there :(

4. Cryptostocks (
Haven't  tested it out, yet, but it's often mentioned...

5. Cryptotc (
Haven't tested it yet.

6. Coin-swap (
Haven't tested it yet.
You can use this service to set up trades with people you do not know. The transaction only gets completed if both parties agree the amounts sent to Coin-Swap are agreed upon. Then, Coin-Swap will send both parties the requested coins.

7. CoinedUp (
Test, it had some currencies others did not have. I like it has GoogleID/OpenID to login. I do not like the constant time-outs... They need better hosting/servers! Reminds me a little of (2.) Always down too!
Main currencies: LTC/BTC/DOGE

8. (new) CryptX (
CLOSED - low volumes; April 23th 2014

9. PolonIEX (
Haven't tested it yet.
Main currency: BTC

10. CoinMarket (
(Currently in beta) Haven't tested it yet. Should do though, some unique coins there.
Main currency: BTC
Turned out to be a scam! 404...

11. SwissCEX (
Haven't tested it yet. But Swiss - must be good?  :-X
Main currencies: LTC/BTC/XPM/DOGE

12. BitCoinWisdom  (
For the experts out there - my knowledge will not cut it (at all).
Main currencies: $ for BTC/LTC/DOGE on all major exchanges.
A screenshot of some of the features that are available for each graph:

13. CrycuREX (
Not yet tested by me.
Main currency: BTC

14. MCXnow (
Not tested by me (yet). Very good security: I forgot my password  :-\ I'm awaiting manual intervention, hopefully free ;p
Main currency: <still in edit>

15. dGEX (
Not tested by me (yet).
Main currenciy: NXT only! Reason: this is a "Second Generation Cryptocoin Exchange". Currently, the second generation is only NXT - it's the mama so to speak ;p

16. AllCrypt (
Great exchange! Many coins!

17. NewCHG (
Untested by me. Called the " Exchange".
Main currencies: BTC/LTC/?

18. Crypto-Trade (
Untested by me.
Main currencies: USD/EUR/BTC/XPM/PPC

19. CoinEX (
Not tested by me. Beta. Looks pretty good and complete!
Main currencies: BTC/LTC/DOGE
Closed. Scam? Hack? Low volume? Let me know

20. VOX-Exchange (
Not yet tested - to be launched!
Unknown - coming soon.

21. Bitfinex (
Long/Short? Swap? Take your Stokes calculators out!
22. AtomicTrade (
Not yet tested by me, but I did make an account. Why? I found it in an Antimatter [ANN] article. It comes with solid US regulation in place. They have big plans, among others making the Value Coin Antimatter. It also has an affiliate program, you can sign up for free!
Main currencies: $/BTC

23. ANXbtc (
Not tested by me.
Main currency: US $

24. JustCoin (
Not tested by me.
Main currencies: USD/EUR/NOK/LTC/XRP/NOK

25. Newaltex (
Not tested by me. Should check though.
Main currency: BTC. Market for many Altcoins.

26. MintPal (
The main choice of @Worlon. I'm surprised I did not know it yet :(
Main currencies: BTC

27. Comkort (
Finally a professional exchange for the obscure altcoins out there! Be sure to register an account!

28. CryptoAve  (
Not tested by me yet.
Main currencies: US$/BTC (DigitalCoin focus, some other coins)

29. Vircurex (

30. coins-e (

31. (

32. Coinano (

33. SwapHole (

34. Moolah (Prelude.IO)
Phasing out! Low volumes. Will transform from exchanging person-to-person to person-to-exchange trading.

35. Bittrex (

36. OpenEx (
DNS/SSL error or down? I don't know. Twitter active...
Update: We're closed Indefinitely while we code a new exchange. Email with any questions.

37. BitHobbit (

38. (
Closing... Wallets will remain online until July 31st, 2014

39. BleuTrade (

40. ptoPex (

41. ecoinfund (
Under suspicion, warned May 15th

42. useCryptos (

43. coins2themoon (

44. peertrade (
Decentralized P2P CryptoCoin exchange software

45. upbit (

46. RapidCX (

47. 24CCB (
BTC/LTC/USD/EUR. Not tested by me.

48. TheRockTrading (

49. Palth (beta) (

50. CoinPod (
From my friends at!

51. ShareXcoin (

52. Icurrex (

53. CampBX (

54. Circle (

55. BitSo (

56. BTC.SX (
Trade positions are placed in units of BTC per Point (Option trading! Go long, short, leverage)

57. MexBT (
BTC only.

58. Exarena (

59. C-CEX (
Blush. Better late than sorry? With giveaways and referral system too!

60. QEX (

61. CoinMKT (

62. coinnext (
Closing! On July 24th 2014.

63. Coinzone (

64. DECENTRALIZED Exchange: Coinffeine (

65. LazyCoins (

66. xNigma (

67. BTE38 (
Selected altcoins. Chinese with decent English interface. Pays interest!

68. NIX*E (

69. AlCurex (

70. ExpressCoin (
Currently only BTC/Doge.

71. NIXMoney (

72. EuropEX (

73. VaultOfSatoshi (

74. Atlasats (

75. Coinaccel (

76. Coinader (

77. Cryptoaltex (

78. CoinPort (

79. Cryptoine (

80. Ice3x (

81. BlueBullsTrading ()

82. HitBTC (

83. IntlEXC (

84. BitOnyx (

85. BTer (

86. ITBit (
Provide proof of residence & nationality info before trading...

87. ASKCoin (

88. BlockTrade (

89. CryptoKOPEN (
Buy crypto currencies via Skrill

90. RockyTrade (

91. CoinCubess (
Scam alert: unconfirmed:

92. (
The Multigateway Service allows you to move cryptocurrencies in and out of the Nxt Asset Exchange.

93. CNEX (

94. Fobcoin (

95. CoinGather ( )

96. OneCry (

97. e-cointrade (
. ()
. ()
. ()

If I find more, I'll use this article to update it :) For a (long) list of (offline) Chinese
exchanges... Go here:
UPDATE: June 2014, I found this excellent (and actively updated) exchange list: .

Some useful sites:
- CoinMarketCAP (
Main currencies: BTC/USD. What? Shows graphs of current and past prices.
- Com-http (
Has the MOST coins I've seen anywhere... Shows all relevant information for each coin.
- Coinplorer (
Tip for miners: compare mining profitability.
- CryptocoinCharts (
TIP by Kayser. Shows which coins are available at which market. Even better: it has graphs :) Main Currencies... BIGGEST collection EVER: 316 pairs!!
- CoinWarz (
Crypto Currency Mining Profitability vs. Bitcoin (SHA-256 & Scrypt). Also see TWC Discussion.
- CoinMill (
Easily convert LTC to BTC or BTC to LTC.

Feeling generous? Want to bribe me for some more free coins or a cause of your choosing??
CRYPTSY: 0a5a8400f4a71f4a054f9fd9d33b54c8dce14345 (donation received)
BTC: 17iZcMYgFnm4LbKYthhuWjEsVTVSLv2Eti (donation received)
LTC: LNftCobgYLEqrNrMvMjpC7T69JBwehVDzE (donation received)
POT: PVraW3AR25JxDr4JbDnwTjWK8mGxf12zdU (donation received)
COINYE: 5c1FXHux8PMvWrPW8bXxdf6bhbDwzE6xgm
DTC: DRdGKVbj7soLV8u8siuk8WuXDympUXMdy4
CRN: FHXjkYb7wQABmbr23DbAwykk4ZPzv5iZ7V
SAT: SdiytgyoYP17ccQHQynxQiqp7ZrrrJ6N96
FTC: 6p4fvMGPhxcbeUcbaeyYBPRuMA3fverGxz (still empty)
DOGE: DRbWh5fzs3G5CoR2CYWzY6SGvLmNhzMxb4 (+1000 donation received!)
2CHcoin: 2L7qAnjJVxD6pmP9UV6dHgvRrxdzvVWs8e (still empty)
21: 2XNwAbyd2GsmhpRbav2tobDC3NX3wokdRg
42: 4ZBTtiJTpUDmzJyG31dqTNvGVL1AbD42kp (half a coin would be just great  8) )
DVC: 15DV88eVpBQKAgjgdyovsJSNaHkh5adh2W
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NDL: NXKt7dcYK2gaaVuoyzkK6kkZFR1NjWM7KP
MINT: MhPWJ4YaBJnjuyzYg8VkJXdaiYTQCcdvNs
TTC: TY76oBW6PDu1Gm6YcCpgHoHDRno9pg4oe6
DEV: (donation received)
CEX.IO: (donation received)
Scrypt.CC? Sure! Hit me up... :-* This one is better than the next one!
CEX.IO? Sure! Hit me up...  :-* And do click my banner to start affiliating yourself!

OTHER: PM me at or!!!! :>


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Devnullius's list of exchanges & other links
« on: 21. June 2014., 20:16:21 »


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Re: Devnullius's list of exchanges & other links
« Reply #1 on: 21. November 2022., 09:31:58 »
Here's a list of all exchanges that I use, in alphabetical order. It also includes a FAQ about how to get added, what account types each site supports and other useful stuff like that. My reason to collect these is that I hate filling out forms and if I have a website where I can send people instead and be reasonably sure it will be read, that's a plus for me. If folks find this directory useful, great!

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Re: Devnullius's list of exchanges & other links
« Reply #1 on: 21. November 2022., 09:31:58 »


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