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Title: What is FireWall?!
Post by: Samker on 22. March 2009., 17:24:16

A firewall is a dedicated appliance, or software running on computer, which inspects network traffic passing through it, and denies or permits passage based on a set of rules.

A firewall's basic task is to regulate some of the flow of traffic between computer networks of different trust levels. Typical examples are the Internet which is a zone with no trust and an internal network which is a zone of higher trust. A zone with an intermediate trust level, situated between the Internet and a trusted internal network, is often referred to as a "perimeter network" or Demilitarized zone (DMZ).

A firewall's function within a network is similar to physical firewalls with fire doors in building construction. In the former case, it is used to prevent network intrusion to the private network. In the latter case, it is intended to contain and delay structural fire from spreading to adjacent structures.

Without proper configuration, a firewall can often become worthless. Standard security practices dictate a "default-deny" firewall ruleset, in which the only network connections which are allowed are the ones that have been explicitly allowed. Unfortunately, such a configuration requires detailed understanding of the network applications and endpoints required for the organization's day-to-day operation. Many businesses lack such understanding, and therefore implement a "default-allow" ruleset, in which all traffic is allowed unless it has been specifically blocked. This configuration makes inadvertent network connections and system compromise much more likely.
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Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: Silent18 on 21. September 2009., 08:35:28
I anticipate that the firewall is a committed appliance, or software active on computer, which inspects arrangement cartage casual through it, and denies or permits access based on a set of rules.

Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: stingrayrush on 29. October 2009., 16:35:59
firewalls are annoying when i'm trying to download a 3rd party file
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: on 23. January 2010., 12:56:48
What is a Computer Firewall?

Firewall is a computer program that monitors the flow of information from the Internet to your computer. There are two different types of firewall available for you to use - Hardware Firewalls and Software Firewalls.

Hardware Firewall:
A Hardware Firewall is a physical piece of equipment that sits between the Internet and your computer. An example of a hardware firewall is a broadband router, a common form of Internet connection. The benefit of using a hardware firewall, is that it has the ability to protect multiple computer systems that are connected to it at the same time. This makes it an effective firewall for use in businesses that have multiple computers connected to the Internet, as well as in homes that have more than one computer system.

Software Firewall:
Software Firewalls work in the same way as a hardware firewall, by monitoring and blocking information that comes to your computer via the Internet, however software firewalls must be installed as a program on your computer. These software firewalls can either be installed from a computer disk that you have purchased, or downloaded over the Internet. Software firewalls are the most common type of firewall. Programs such as Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, ESET Smart Security, and Kaspersky Internet Security all have a firewall bundled within them.

What a Firewall does:
Regardless of what type of firewall you choose to use, having one on your computer is a really good idea. A firewall helps to prevent computer hackers from accessing your computer through the Internet, and stealing sensitive information or infecting your computer system with some form of computer virus. A hacker can gain access to your system by �back doors� or open ports that connect your computer to the Internet. With a firewall in place these ports are blocked from inbound traffic, effectively closing the door in the hackers face.

Of course, damage can also be done to your computer from outbound traffic as well. Say for instance a hacker was able to slip by you with a Trojan, virus, spyware or phishing scheme that went undetected. The next time you booted up your computer and connected to the Internet, information on your computer could be sent out to the hacker. Many firewalls also block outbound traffic that will help prevent this from happening.

There are basically two ways that Firewalls work. Generally, data that comes in is analyzed by the firewall to determine the IP address it is coming from and the content that it contains. The firewall system then checks to see if this information is compliant with rules that you are able to configure. It can also analyze information at the application level. The firewall program will determine whether or not the application should be able to send or receive data through the port you are connected by.

Firewall programs are extremely important to the protection of not only your computer system, but you personal information as well. Many anti-virus programs come with firewall protection. Firewall protection should be considered an essential part of any computer's security strategy.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: webguy33 on 07. March 2010., 00:28:50
I know that a firewall blocks traffic or networks that are intruding and that are possibly untrustworthy or not permitted. I know at my job we have a firewall that blocks attacks from other computers, viruses, etc. I am wondering though about my home computer. I have enabled my firewall on my computer and I do have Mcafee, but have been told I do not need them because my ip provider has a firewall built in. Is this accurate or not? Thanks.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: Abbott on 10. March 2010., 12:56:36
Firewall is a part of a computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting authorized communications. It is a device or set of devices which is configured to permit or deny computer based application upon a set of rules and other criteria.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: heronfisher on 17. March 2010., 07:24:59
Firewalls are protective programmes to prevent viruses getting onto your computer that's nowadays term, but a firewall is generally a fireproof material stopping fire from spreading to other places.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: vishwanath99 on 31. July 2010., 10:25:52
segregation software.. you have to decide what to segregate how..
segregation of private and public
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: adimarten23 on 11. August 2010., 06:01:52
I would very thankful for all of you because You all of have contribute interesting and very useful information about Firewall.I got lot of new information about Firewall that will be definitely useful for me.Today lots of a number of companies make firewall products. Features include logging and reporting, automatic alarms at given thresholds of attack, and a graphical user interface for controlling the firewall.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: jennybond on 12. August 2010., 06:40:05
Firewall is a application Which regulate the Traffic On Our Network.It will check the all the Network and also we can Prevent Our Computer and Data from the Hacker.So always keep on Firewall on Your Computer.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: pollrobin on 17. August 2010., 07:58:13
Firewall is a wall Which gives Us Protection against the hacker.It Keep Watch on the traffic Of Our Website.In Short it's One kind of Protection which Prevent Your Computer and Data from the Hacker.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: mario007 on 13. October 2010., 02:38:07
do i need to have windows defender/fire-wall and anti-virus at the same time on my computer?
is it ok to have only one of them?
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: Samker on 13. October 2010., 06:18:48
do i need to have windows defender/fire-wall and anti-virus at the same time on my computer?
is it ok to have only one of them?

I was explain you this here:,3012.0.html (,3012.0.html)

Additionaly, it's also Ok to have installed few Antispywares at PC (that include Windows Defender) but only one with Real-Time protection.

Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: BGM on 02. November 2010., 13:49:06
Lots of good points and description of what a firewall is.  One important lesson for me is that even if you are running an excellent virus protection suite, addware and malware detection , your firewall also protects your computer from the network.  You authorize what goes in and what goes out. Even if you have a hardware firewall built into your router , that still doesnt monitor what goes out from you computer in most cases.  Using a good software firewall program not only gives you a database of problem sites , it makes you authorize communication with sites on the internet.  When that box pops up and informs you that a program is trying to contact a site and you are not running anything that is going out to the internet , you now have a strong indication your protection has missed something !   ;D
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: alfiealvins on 10. December 2010., 00:21:53
A firewall is a piece of computer system or network, which is designed to prevent unauthorized access, enabling communications authorized. It is one or more devices that are configured to allow or block network transmissions are based on standards and other criteria. Firewalls can be implemented either in hardware or software, or both. Firewalls are frequently used against unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks, Internet access, especially intranets. All messages entering or leaving the intranet pass through the firewall, which checks each message and blocks those that do not meet the specified security criteria.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: anemoneangela on 21. December 2010., 22:04:43
Firewall (computing), a technological barrier designed to prevent unauthorized or unwanted communications between computer networks or hosts.Internet firewall protecting the nation from the hostile invasion of a private local area network. Consequently, many LANs are now connected to the Internet where the connection could have been too risky to the Internet.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: jhonas on 08. January 2011., 08:23:57
Firewalls are frequently used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet, especially intranets.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: morrismountain on 18. January 2011., 20:58:42
Firewall is a computer program that controls the flow of information from the Internet to your computer. There are two different types of firewalls available for you to use - Hardware firewalls and Software firewall.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: Rosie667 on 09. April 2011., 13:51:01

A firewall is a secure and trusted machine that sits between a private network and a public network.[1] The firewall machine is configured with a set of rules that determine which network traffic will be allowed to pass and which will be blocked or refused. In some large organizations, you may even find a firewall located inside their corporate network to segregate sensitive areas of the organization from other employees. Many cases of computer crime occur from within an organization, not just from outside.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: james85 on 27. May 2011., 12:24:49
A firewall is a device or set of devices designed to permit or deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and is frequently used to protect networks from unauthorized access while permitting legitimate communications to pass.

Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: sikanderamarinder on 07. June 2011., 10:49:15
Basically, a firewall is a barrier to keep destructive forces away from your property. In fact, that's why its called a firewall. Its job is similar to a physical firewall that keeps a fire from spreading from one area to the next.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: pvedala on 03. January 2018., 16:41:00
Firewall is a security system which protect the System from Intruders and hackers. Firewalls also safeguards the PC from offensive software that come to reside on the software to stole the user personal data.
It is a software programs or hardware tool which notes and filters the traffic that flow into the PC through Internet connection. They block the files which are harmful to the system. There are set of rules to connect such as who to connect to the internet, what kind of connections can be made to the internet, what kind of files may be transferred. These Rules are can be set up by yourself or by administrators to allow traffic to their web servers, FTP and Telnet servers, thereby giving the computer owners/administrators control over the traffic that flows in & out of the systems.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: Fintech on 04. January 2018., 15:49:20 ( :bih:
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: jack martin on 06. July 2018., 07:18:55
Firewall is a software program that's access to from a private network.
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: sagartc on 23. September 2021., 11:26:18
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Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: AlexPhilip on 28. September 2021., 04:07:14
Conceptualize internet traffic as road traffic in the form of trucks. The firewall is border security that separates your home from your (untrusted) neighbouring countries.

Each truck that wants to enter the country has papers that tell the border security officer what the origin of the truck was (IP address of sender), where the truck wants to deliver its load (port/application that is going to receive the payload) and the order form of the one who requested the load (this is the web page you clicked on in your browser).

More advanced firewalls will also want to look inside your truck to see if there are goods you're trying to smuggle in (malicious payload).

Whenever the border security officer sees something it doesn't like, it denies the truck entry.

Firewalls are also able to work in the outgoing direction. Here, the border security officers check if the truck wanting to leave the country is legit and whether it's trying to smuggle contents out (a virus within your system is trying to send your personal data to a criminal).
Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: itechmythraradha on 02. October 2021., 09:12:08
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Title: Re: What is FireWall?!
Post by: romioroxx on 11. October 2021., 11:59:18
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