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Bladeheart – $BHT – Missed out on The Sandbox, Decentraland, Illuvium, Mist? This might be your second chance!

A New P2E MMORPG NFT GameFi Metaverse –
Bladeheart is looking to overtake Ethereum blockchain for the next generation in becoming the new world for all crypto gaming.

Bladeheart is a multi-region fantasy world in which players can establish kingdoms, explore the territories,
and acquire, breed, and combat monsters and players. Bladeheart, which is inspired by traditional games like Pokemon,
Clash of Clans, and Runescape, is part of a new generation of blockchain-based gaming that provides players complete
ownership of their assets and rewards them for playing through an unique play-to-earn gaming model.

Players will experience immersive, entertaining, and enjoyable gameplay within the metaverse,
earning tokenized rewards as they do so, whether fighting it out in PVE or PVP Battle Mode, quests, battle arenas,
adventuring and conquering across the vast and mysterious expanse of the Bladeheart metaverse.

The game’s long-term goal is to become entirely decentralized, giving the community complete authority over future improvements.
This decentralization will take place over time and only once the game has been well-established enough to eliminate the chance of bad actors.
For engaging in the DAO and generating new features, community members will be rewarded with the Bladeheart ($BHT) governance token.

White Paper v4

📍Token: Bladeheart Token
📍Symbol: BHT
📍Token Quantity : 240,000,000
📍Tax: 10%
📍Initial Buy Limit: 2% (Limit will be removed 1 minute after launch)
📍Lock Period: 15 days (Lock period will be extended for 1 month for every 1M market cap reached)
📍Contract Address : 0x4C3bB1A82E7Ba0AB5D60B4f63F44c94AccEB9F53
📍Official Bladeheart Website:



Board Rules, News & Announcements / Binance Clone Script
« Last post by Didaagnew on 29. November 2021., 05:12:30 »
Binance Clone Script is a multi-tested & readymade Crypto Exchange Software built with advanced architectural design & highest liquidity that performs & looks cent percent similar to Binance. Our Binance Clone package comes with both Crypto Exchange App & Crypto Exchange Website Script with advanced trade plugins & functionalities.
Maticz’s Binance Clone Script is completely a White-Label Solutions: You can customize our Binance clone platform as per your business requirements.
Disbotdatbot: A New Crypto Coin That Could Change My Life.

Does the world need yet another meme coin? Don’t we have enough with all the DOGE and SHIB spinoffs, and the dozen or so that launch daily? Well, that right there reveals the problem — there’s a lot of tokens out there, and the good ones — the really good ones — they rise to the top.

I came across, which says they are a new kind of meme token crypto company. Upon first glance, it feels different than your shibmommydoge or moonrocketzilla type website. They say they are both a wealth-generator token as well as an incubator for new tech, by harnessing the power of crypto investment and channeling that toward developing not just new tech, but bringing the coders and devs to the forefront as well.

Sounds good, the real question will be, can they execute.

I continued reading, and they seem to have their act together. Tokenomics look decent, with a 5% incubator fund, but what caught my eye are the reward features. They actually want to build a community to engage with, to get involved, and to lend that community-driven power toward their cause. Which they say, should also be our cause. Why? Because they say that “disbotdatbot stewards a fund that seeks out and invests in passionate tech-minds who are driven to make the world a better place.”

This could be really cool. Kinda like merging your next to-the-moon token with kickstarter-for-tech. Really cool actually.

The rewards seem to have a 3-prong approach. They have a transaction tax of 8% — 4% to holders, and 4% to add to the incubator fund. Other tokens that advertise a reward to holders have done well. But their tokenomics also show a massive 30% token burn, which if executed during their Phase 4 in their roadmap, should produce deflationary economics. Secondly, they tease “innovative tiers of membership coming soon that reward your engagement with special perks.” Now that sounds interesting, and something I will definitely be checking in on. Thirdly, they say they will do a monthly lottery. Talk about trying to incentivize investors away from a trading strategy to a hold-on-and-get-involved in their community approach. Hmm.

Back to the 30% token burn for a moment. I communicated with one of the core team creators, who talked about this at length as being part of the problem with so many potentially amazing tokens. Too many tokens out there, too much supply, and price reflects it. Like SHIB, they said. Imagine if SHIB did execute a big token burn, we may actually see it get close to the coveted $0.01 mark. Which is why the DISBOT team are determined to reduce the total supply early on. Smart.

The DISBOT token presale precedes the launch of the platform. The users can participate in the presale, starting from the 30th of November at 14:00 UTC, until the 7th of December, 14:00 UTC. Then they go public on pancakeswap, which will be interesting because they are using anti-bot and anti-rugpull mechanisms to ensure a solid TGE.

Disbotdatbot is focused on building a better future and supports the transformation of this world to a better one with the help of its meme-based token interacting with the community and contributing to vetted tech projects. It also represents a marketing plan that includes over 60 online publications that will partake in spreading the word about disbotdatbot and how it can improve the ways and means of charity-based meme crypto coins.

If you are as intrigued in them as I am now, just DYOR. Could be something.

Toto Kansas


Media Contact:
Company name — disbotdatbot
Contact email —
(press and media) Website —
Toronto, ON

CryptoCurrencies Base / vxworks v7
« Last post by dvdged3 on 29. November 2021., 04:35:09 »
Torrent download Trimble Inpho UASMaster v12 OptiFDTD v15.0 x64 Simplant Pro v18.5 x64 Materialise.3-matic v15.0 x64 "#" to "@"-----
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AEGIS v0.19.65.505
AnyBody Modeling System v7.3.1 x64
ASAP v2020
AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 11.7 x64
aprinter v2016
Amberg Tunnel v2.17
Analyze v12.0
Anatomage Invivo dental v5.4
Aldec Active-HDL v10.4.183.6396
Anylogic 8.7.7 x64
aspenONE v12
ATK.Magic.Tool.Suite v7.43.Win
BobCad Cam v33 SP3
BAE ShipWeight Enterprise 13.0 x64
bysoft v7.2.0.1
Certainty3D Topodot v11.5 x64
cgg geovation v2016
CMG Suite v2020
cnckad v17
CodeV 11.5
c-tech evs2020
Coventor MEMS+ 4.0
Coventor SEMulator3D 8.0 x64
Crystal Prod 2019
crystal specman thinman v2015.1
Crosslight APSYS v2018 x64
CrossLight Pics3D v2020 x64
Datamine Discover v2021
Datamine datablast x64
DATEM Summit Evolution v7.7 2020
DesignBuilder v7.0.0.084
DecisionSpace_Geosciences-10ep.4.03 G1
Depth Insight v2015
Deswik.Suite v2021 x64
DHI Mike zero 2021
DHI Feflow 2021 v7.4.2
DNV Sesam 2020 x64
DNV GL AS Phast&Safeti 8.4
DDS FEMtools v5.0
Digsilent PowerFactory v2020
Dionisos v4.2
Dolphin Imaging v11.8
drillbench v2016.1.1
Dynel 2D Dynel 3D
Dyadem Phapro v7.0
eFilm Workstation v4.2
Earthimager2d3d ZondRes2d Res2Dinv
EMTP-RV v6.1
Ensoft LPile v2018.10.02
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Earth Volumetric Studio v2020.5
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Engineered Software PIPE-FLO Pro v17.5
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FractPro v2015 v3.0 2019
Frontline Analytic Solver 2020
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Geochemist Workbench V11.0.8
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GeoTeric SVI 2021
GOGEO FracPredictor v2014
Green Hills MULTI for MIPS v4.2.1
Green Mountain mesa v15
GT-SUITE v2020
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Hydromantis.GPS-X.v8.0.1 Win
HYPACK v2020
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Innovyze InfoWorks ICM 2021.1 x64
IBM Rational Tau And DOORS Analyst v4.3
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Icaros IPS v4.2
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Welcome to Goat Protocol. Goat Protocol is the newest reward token on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).
Goat Protocol is the first token to reward holders in both $DOGE & $SHIB.
Simply hold $GOAT tokens and you will automatically receive a percentage of all buys and sell transactions.
We all love $DOGE & $SHIB, now with $GOAT tokens you will be able to passively earn $DOGE & $SHIB.
Stake your claim in the crypto world with Goat Protocol. AIRDOP TO ALL HOLDERS 24HR AFTER TOKEN LAUNCH.





🐐🚀 TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000,000 (100 BILLION)

CONTRACT: 0xd4ce59992ad94e88ecba9cadc2e2b23c10ec2c58


















TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xd4ce59992ad94e88ecba9cadc2e2b23c10ec2c58



CryptoCurrencies Base / CanonX – $canon Token PRE-SALE Continues To Generate Buzz
« Last post by KYCbench on 28. November 2021., 14:10:16 »
CanonX.Finance is pleased to announce the success of its recent seed-sale, which has so far generated tremendous buzz, leading now to the Commencement of Canon Tokens Pre-Sale which is now live at

CanonX is a Launchpad where multiple pre-sales are listed after crucial vetting, and is aiming to be listed on major exchanges.

CANON Token ($canon) has a native token built on the Cardano blockchain. The token is used to power the ecosystem, and it comes with the symbol "$CANON.” To access the announced pre-sale listings, investors will need the $Canon token which will be used as a subscription token to access CanonX Pre-Sale Listing platform.

Token Holders will be rewarded in two ways:

 ⁃ First, they can stake their token to generate more $Canon or farm ADA to generate more revenue
 ⁃ Secondly, $canon aims to be listed on major exchanges, with announcements likely to be made after public Sales is completed in early December.
 ⁃ Canon holders can also be able to borrow ADA when we launch our lending protocol

How to Join Ongoing Pre-Sale

 •   Purchase ADA from an exchange (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc).
 •   Send the purchased ADA to your Cardano supported wallets. (Cardano Wallets includes: Yoroi, Daedalus, Adalite or Nami Wallet).
 •   Then, send purchased ADA from Cardano supported wallets (Yoroi, Daedalus, Adalite or Nami Wallet) to the public seed sale address provided on Sales Portal.

Ongoing Pre Sale Through:

$Canon Token

Ticker: Canon
Blockchain: Cardano (ADA)
Token Sale Price: 1 ADA = 370 CANON
Minimum Buy: 200 ADA
Maximum Buy: 10,000 ADA

$CANON token, is the utility asset that will power the CanonX IDO protocol platform and also allow holders to support their favorite projects by giving liquidity while receiving rewards. That will allow you, as a token holder to actively engage in the shaping of the DeFi landscape.

About CanonX.Finance

CanonX.Finance is a Cardano blockchain project accelerator and fundraising platform, leveraging DeFi innovations to provide transparent, efficient and fully decentralized crowd funding services. It offers full support of Cardano native tokens and a suite of advanced DeFi tools that upcoming projects need to thrive and prosper.

Everything done by CanonX.Finance is governed by a philosophy of decentralization — funds raised are distributed directly to projects, tokens purchased are sent directly to the personal wallets of users without burdensome checks or unnecessary delay.

They also take financial sustainability and inclusion seriously, working diligently to ensure that their efforts benefit all stakeholders, helping to evolve the reputation and maturity of the DeFi industry.

Social Media Handles:

Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:

Roxyon is the crypto revolution you’ve been waiting for
$RXN is a Defi Planet full of gold and diamonds that you can earn and mine .


Our Mission

Roxyon enables users to gain access to the most promising projects in the DeFi industry,
raising the necessary funds to launch projects that are spearheading innovation.
We believe that trust is the key to growing digital finance.
Therefore, we are moving in a direction that provides you with more transparency
so that you can sell and buy your Token in a decentralized way at any time.
Roxyon will be the first bridge to work as a gold and diamond mining easily by carrying Roxyon
which you can mine for $gold and $diamonds before they launch on the market.

How Roxyon Coin Work
We believe that trust is the key to growing digital finance. Therefore, we are moving in a direction
that provides you with more transparency so that you can sell and buy your Token in a decentralized way at any time.

Our clients — both corporate and private ones — will access all the services they need from a single platform.
Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

As a new concept, tokenomics or token economy is the concept of studying, designing,
and implementing an economic system using a token to create a self-sustaining monetary system
as a means to reward specific behaviors within a community. To sustain the project and reward holders, Roxyon uses tokenomics
and operates with a total tax of 9% on every transaction.
Each buy or sell order is subject to a 9% tax that is divided/utilized as follows: 1,2&3

1- 1% is added to the funding wallet which is used for marketing, development, and sponsoring of the
projects that launch of Roxyon.

2- 4% is automatically added to the liquidity pool.

3- 4% is distributed amongst the holders. Reflections received by the holders depend on the number of tokens they hold.

More info:
CryptoCurrencies Base / Stabila Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
« Last post by cryptosp on 28. November 2021., 03:16:49 »

Stabila Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Stabila is a mainstream cryptocurrency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Stabila is decentralized and is based on proof of stake blockchain technology. A defining feature of Stabila is that it is not issued by any central authority, rendering it theoretically immune to government interference. An additional logic layer is added to limit manipulation.

Recapitulation of Royal Protocol PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.
Date: Wednesday, 24th November, 2021
Time: 20:00 UTC
The Royal Protocol PROJECT team was represented by @RoyalCOO and @SunKitten9 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Royal Protocol PROJECT.

Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on Royal Protocol?

ANS: I'm Richard, COO of Royal Protocol. I have a background in DevOps Engineering. I'm here with @SunKitten9 our Director of Marketing. We have a team of around 70 employees working at Royal currently.

Q2: Can you introduce Royal Protocol, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Royal Protocol is a safe haven for game companies and NFT projects. Many useful tools and projects are being added for companies wanting to move to a better chain from Ethereum, BSC and others. These include:
* New and better NFT standards
* Unique NFT ecosystem
* A wallet based inventory system
* Built-in advanced security features
* Lower fees
* More decentralized node distribution.

Q3: Can you brief us about the ecosystem you are building? How does this ecosystem benefit users?

ANS: Sure thing. We are building Royal Protocol Chain, the chain of chains. An ecosystem around NFTs and their portability with all of blockchain, not just in Royal itself. An ecosystem where NFTs can find a safe haven and game assets are freely used amongst all games.
Through this and a few other unique innovations we haven't announced yet, including our own NFT standard, we firmly believe we are building the chain of the future as people watch chains like Ethereum struggle.

Q4: Can you give a good example of where Royal Protocol is innovating currently?

ANS: We have a lot of upcoming innovations, most aren't public yet.
One of our flagship, patent pending, products being launched over the next few months is Royal Arcade Rewind, an awesome new place where people can "Risk Everything, and Lose Nothing". This is a preview of how we plan on innovating not only gaming, but blockchain in general.
Players can play risk based games without the element of permanent loss and have a fun way of competing against others whilst having a faucet to the rest of our ecosystem when they win big!

Q5: Finally on the introduction segment, Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: We have a lot of big ambitious goals.
* Our upcoming NFT standard
* Our distinct and unique NFT marketplace, which is a great start for those just getting into NFTs and crypto as well as those seasoned experts.
* Our wallet, which will set a new bar for mobile wallet security in the blockchain space.
These are just the tiniest of beginnings for Royal Protocol. We have a grand 5-10 year vision with far more larger innovations already laid out for blockchain and gaming.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Earlier today, one of your shillers was talking about how he made $1500 just from staking for the LP game of Royal Protocol, that really raised my curiosity, so can you tell us exactly how we can earn from Royal Protocol? Is your ROI that impressive? If yes, how do we become part of your family of earners?

ANS: Great question. We are having a $1,000,000 Royal Governance Token giveaway for LP providers on our site.
We are also giving away swag bags and more prizes over the next 4 months to users participating.
GROY is our DEFI voting token. All votes in our ecosystem come with a token reward. GROY is set to have a market debut in about 3-4 weeks time with reward-based voting initiatives.

Q2: How can users then acquire $GROY token? And What are utilities of the $GROY token? And lastly what benefits do users gain from holding $GROY token?

ANS: GROY token can be acquired now through the LP game with the 4 month giveaway. These tokens will allow governance voting and product development direction from community members. As we launch our chain and other products we will be giving voice to the people and allowing the community to decide upgrade paths for our games and assets.

Q3: Hey 😄💫
As I read $ROY does not have trendy reflections or deflationary tokenomics. But you written that have "Potential For Future Burns"
So my question is when you are planning to do burn? And have you done any burn as of now?

ANS: Right now we do not have reflections since we feel like this is a bad user experience for newcomers to the economy and we want people to be able to send someone 1 Royal without having issues with losing value arbitrarily. These sorts of things are often not respected by exchanges either.
For those of you that do love the reflection mechanism we will be doing more reflection opportunities in the future, and our LP Game does reflections across users now for those that want to participate and win their share of tokens.

Q4: Mainstream gaming lives within a system where even the best kept secret is inherently vulnerable to exposure. Can Royal Protocol Ecosystem wilo allow users to retain their anonymity, ensuring their sensitive data remains where it belongs i.e with them ?

ANS: We see this as a major problem in gaming, not just in off-chain gaming but with other on-chain games as well. Our mission is to give security and visibility to these systems and ensure the players have an open and truthful gaming economy as their playground.

Q5: Are you open to hiring talented individuals who can add value to the Royal Protocol team ?
What are the position opened on Royal Protocol ?

As an individual who is passionate about blockchain development and want to contribute to the future of gaming, I wish to be a part of your Team, who can I discuss with ?

ANS: We are actively hiring talented people to join our growing team. As I said before we are breaking the 70 employee mark and looking for specialists in gaming, blockchain, and high end engineers. If you love gaming or are technical by nature there is likely a place for you at Royal Protocol, if not now then in the future as growth continues.

Q6: The world of game development is complex and nuanced so could you explain how your platform will allow independent game developers to use your protocol to develop their games? What plans do you have to attract traditional game developers to your protocol?

ANS: This is what Royal Protocol's chain and ecosystem of tools and services directly aims to solve, not only for gamers but also for business and enterprise customers. We see a place where game devs are being required to learn blockchain and work at a furious pace to get their product launched to compete, when they really just to build awesome games.
Our suite of tools and Royal Arcade Certification process, along with our extensive team of talented engineers is smoothing this process and ensuring ease of onboarding and game interoperability.

Q7: Hey 👋😄
The scene of Gaming is totally changing. People are preferring playing Blockchain games instead of the general games.
I see a big change is coming. So I want to know what is your opinion on Future of Blockchain Gaming? And how Royal Protocol will add value to that?

ANS: We feel like the change is definitely on the horizon. Companies like Steam are stepping out of the ring and Royal is here to build the future. Our chain and toolset are specifically placed to be the ecosystem of choice in this amazing future that is around the corner.

Q8: The RAR product I learn is one of your flagship product,can you share more details what products it represents and it function?

ANS: Royal Arcade Rewind is one of our unique innovations to give insight into how we plan on creating waves of innovation. This product takes all the risk out of risk based games and allows game partners and future products in our ecosystem to take advantage of this patent pending technology.
Watch for updates over the next month as we give away a lot of RAR tokens for new users wanting to play our games.

Q9: Reading your page I could see that you will have your own wallet so could you explain me why you decided to develop a wallet and what benefits this wallet can bring to your gaming ecosystem? How secure will this wallet be compared to metamask?

ANS: We have noticed in the wallet landscape that exists there is a major lack of fundamental security, and ease of use. Watch for Pyxis mobile wallet over the next few months to see how our mobile wallet tech will rival and exceed the security that those in the community see from products such as Trezor or Ledger.

Q10: We know it is difficult to survive in the harsh crypto market environment, and we have seen many game projects fail to achieve their goals. What is the strategy/way of the Royal Protocol project to survive this long blockchain marathon?

ANS: We see the same thing, we actually have some awesome plans to help older failing or failed projects with NFTs find new life in the Royal Protocol ecosystem. Hold onto your ancient NFTs, big things are coming!

Thanks all for the questions, join @ROYprotocol to become a part of our community, play our games, and get free stuff! Also for product updates you can join our announcements channel @RoyalProtocol
Follow Us On Our Various Social Media Communities For More Update;
📍Official Royal Website:
📍Official Royal Arcade Website:
📍Telegram Channel:
📍Telegram Announcements:

🦎 Coingecko:


MoonShiba is a BEP20 Token Built on Binance Smart Chain. It is a decentralized and autonomous community-based meme token which has the potential of 1000x. The founder of the project has a game development background and already working on the P2E game at the moment.

Max Supply : 1,000,000,000,000,000
Burned: 50%
Marketing & Airdrops: 10%
Liquidity: 40%
Unruggable: Liquidity was locked till 2055


MoonShiba official links:






Contract Address:  0x4597634522E7117BC8210EA81ab9F55f3DcB930a

Let's fill those bags before CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings.
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