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I Am ( Still ) Using:

A - WINXP32PRO, And,

B - FF 5101.


Some Internet Live Video Streams Do Have Sound But The Video Is Blacked-Out.

Is There Any XPI File Format Extensions For ( B ) That Might Solve The Problem ?


Long Ago, I Solved Most Of The Opposite Problems ( Video - Yes, Sound - No ), But The Browser Was A CHROME Clone And The Extensions Were Of The CRX File Format.

Thank You.


Sounds most likely to video codec issues more than plug-in issues, I would update codecs using a codec pack of choice


--- Quote from: A41202813GMAIL on 24. December 2019., 22:09:56 ------

Some Internet Live Video Streams Do Have Sound But The Video Is Blacked-Out.


--- End quote ---

Currently, I don't have a ideas for FF but maybe you'll resolve "video" problem with some other browser with "current" XP support, for example:

- UC Browser:

- Baidu Spark Browser:

- Epic Privacy browser:

- K-meleon:

- Midori:

- Pale Moon:

- Maxthon:

- Slimjet:

- Vivaldi:

- Yandex.Browser:

- Chromium:

- Mypal:

- Advanced Chrome:

- SeaMonkey:

- Comodo IceDragon:

- Lunascape:

- QQ Browser:

- Arctic-Fox:

- Sogou Browser:

- 360 Secure Browser:

- Centaury:

- Otter Browser:

Thank You Both, Guys.

Those Links Are Precious, And I Was Already Using 4 CHROME Based Browsers And 3 FF Based Browsers - PALEMOON And SEAMONKEY Are FF Based, By The Way.



MYPAL Is An FF Clone, Specifically Made For XP, And With Updates Every 3 Weeks, Or So.

Since The Beginning Of This Damn Flu, FF Started To Fail On The Majority Of Live Streaming Services.

MYPAL Came To The Rescue, Big Time - Long May It Continue - Knock On Wood.

Thank You, Guys.


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