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Author Topic: All needed to scan to email: Dell 3115cn with SMTP on port 25 (IIS 6) to gmail  (Read 17746 times)

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This is the most horrible printer I ever encountered when it comes to scanning... I've got the beast for 3 years and never could get it to work.

It works now... Below, I'll give all the links, articles and settings I am currently using to have an unsecured SMTP server in my LAN that forwards all emails (with TLS) to my gmail account...

In principle, *any* unsecured SMTP proxy / relay server should work. But I have Windows Server 2012 R2 running, so I thought to go the official route with Microsoft SMTP server. And I couldn't get the others to work either... I also didn't get IIS 6 working, at first, but suddenly, after a few hours, without changing anything specific it suddenly worked. At that point I did not bother to test the freeware options once more.

Step 1: get scan to computer working!

Took me a while to figure this out... I think my biggest fault was that I used the panel to scan to server, not computer... You really should scan to computer :)

Create a default Windows user account with a password.

Create a folder (I've read that this cannot be on D:. Anywhere on C: (the Windows drive) is ok).
Right click the folder you created and share it. Check the permissions:
* Permissions for Share: add user "Everyone" and give Modify + Read permissions. By default, Administrators group has full control.
* Security tab: Add user "Dell" and set following permissions: Full control (no), Change (yes), Read and execute (yes), Show folder contents (yes), Read (yes), Write (yes).

Go to the IP address of your printer with your browser. Log in (admin/blank). Go to
Address Book -> Server Address
Give it a convenient name to your liking.
Server Type: SMB
Server Address: IP address of your server / workstation that contains the shared folder.
Server Port Number: 139
Login Name: Dell (this is an existing, by you created, Windows user account. It MUST have a password, otherwise the PRINTER will not accept it...! You can name it anything you wish though... Try to avoid using an Administrator account!)
Enable Password: enable and enter the Windows password for your user account "Dell"
Share Name: Enter the name of the folder you shared on the network
Server Path: for subfolders in the shared folder (?). Leave blank for now.

Now you should be able to scan to a network drive (use "computer", not "server" (= FTP), from the printer's control panel).
In one of the articles I read, somebody mentioned you should change the advanced sharing settings for the network... I checked, it did not seem to matter. I was suggested to change "Let Windows manage connections with home group (advised)" to "Use user accounts and passwords to make connections with other computers" (I'm translating here ;) ).

Scan to email :)

Install SMTP Server (Server Manager; Add roles). Accept all suggested components.

Configure SMTP Service (follow these instructions to use gmail (or another provider)

Confirm SMTP Settings from your provider. Below are two popular options:
Microsoft Office 365:
SMTP Server:
TLS Port: 587
Google Gmail:
SMTP Server:
TLS Port: 587
SSL Port:465
Launch SMTP Service: Click Start Menu -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager.
Select [SMTP Virtual Server #1] -> Right click -> Select Properties.
The Properties dialog box opens.
Select Delivery tab -> Outbound Security…
Select Basic authentication. Input your email information. Make sure to check TLS encryption if your provider supports TLS. Click OK
Select Outbound connections…
Select the proper SMTP port your provider is using. Click OK
Common SMTP Ports:

Outbound connections screen with TCP port 587

Default Port: 25

TLS Port: 587

SSL Port: 465

Select Advanced…
Input your hosted SMTP settings: (in example below I used Gmail)
Fully-qualified domain name:
Smart Host: Click OK
 Advanced Delivery screen

Test SMTP:

Launch Notepad and create the following:
Subject: This is a test email.
This is a test.
Test email in Notepad

Save the file to the desktop called “testemail” Click Save.
Note: Be sure to include the “ “ around testemail.
Save As box with quotes around testemail

Navigate to C:\inetpub\mailroot\Pickup
Copy the testemail from the desktop and paste it into the Pickup folder. It should disappear and send the email.
Confirm you have received the test email.

Some of these options will be changed later, for now this should work on the computer. Test :)

I'll now show you all the properties for the SMTP server. Change it where it is not the same! See .

Open Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager.
Right click SMTP Virtual Server #1 and click Properties
First go to tab "Delivery"
Click Advanced...
Change your Fully-qualified domain name to your local host's name! For me, my computer name is "W2k12R2" I'm assuming here a default home setting with a stand-alone server. No Active Directory or other domain structures are in place.
Masquerade domain is empty.
Smart host (for gmail):
Attempt direct delivery before sending to smart host is disabled, same as the option Perform reverse DNS lookup on incoming messages.
Click Outbound Security tab:
Use "Basic Authentication"
Enter your gmail address and the password.
Don't forget to enable the option "TLS Encryption" at the bottom!
Click Outbound Connections tab:
Change TCP port to 587
Go to first tab "General"
Check that your Fully-qualified domain name is "W2K12R2" (and not
Click the pull down menu and set the correct IP address of your SMTP server.
Go to second tab "Access"
Click Authentication...
Enable Anonymous Access. Basic & Integrated Windows Authentication are disabled.
Click Connection... Chose "All except the list below" for testing purposes. If all works well, you can secure the SMTP server a bit.
Click Relay... Chose "All except the list below" and enable "Allow all computers which successfully authenticate to relay, regardless of the list above." for testing purposes. If all works well, you can secure the SMTP server a bit and disable this option and only grand access to your printer's IP address...
Go to tab "Messages": disable all options to remove any email restrictions: gmail will handle that for you :) Optionally, you can send a copy of Non-Delivery reports to
LDAP Routing (disabled) & Security can remain as-is; no changes needed.

Now go to your printer's IP address, login in with admin/blank.
Go to E-Mail alert -> Print Server Settings -> TCP/IP
If you use a static IP address (manually), make certain that you change DNS from DHCP to manual too! Point the DNS Server Address to your ISP's Internet Router (gateway) but leave the DNS Domain Name empty.

Go to E-Mail alert -> Print Server Settings -> E-Mail Alert
Enter your SMTP's IP address for Primary SMTP Gateway.
SMTP Port Number: 25
E-Mail send Authentication: *Invalid
SMTP Login User and password, both: <blank>
Everything for POP: <blank> (I still don't understand what this is good for!)
Reply address:

To receive alerts too, add to one of the E-Mail lists (there are 2). Set the options for which messages you'd like emailed to you.

Change max email size and scan resolution:
Go to Printer Settings -> Printer Settings -> Scan Defaults
You'll find Max E-Mail Size at the bottom. Set it to 16384 (gmail support up to 20MB). Look around and set the options as you please. PDF is advised over TIFF Multipage.

This should do the trick... Just in case, I uploaded some html pages that might be helpful :)

Still not working? Check Advanced Firewall Settings and check / create the SMTP rule (Inbound, TCP, port 25).

The sheet feeder does not support duplex scanning... I found a way around that here: . It's not the most elegant solution, but it works :/

Stupid, stupid Dell... ;p


PS: 3th party, free, SMTP tools... If you do not wish to install IIS 6 / are unable to install it... Let us know if you get a solution to work: and HOW! :)

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Wonderful! Thanks a lot man! Ive been trying to solve this last 3 hours.


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Wonderful! Thanks a lot man! Ive been trying to solve this last 3 hours


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Wonderful! Many thanks, man! For the past six hours, I've been attempting to solve.  cookie clicker

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